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Which riser recliner chair mechanism is best for you?

When buying one of Rise and Recline Ltd’s hand crafted riser recliner chairs you are given a lot of options from design to which fabric you would like all of which are specifically tailored to your needs. However, there is another important decision that you need to make and that is which of our mechanisms are best for you, it could be hard for you to make up your mind with all of them being incredibly useful in their own way, so keep reading to find out how each mechanism can help you, and which is best for your needs.


The Tilt-in-space mechanisms are great for increased support and helps to improve circulation, the whole chair tilts supporting your whole back as it does providing the ultimate comfort in your riser recliner chair.

The single motor keeps the back to seat angle the same at all times, meaning that your back is always supported fully. It also uses a simple and easy to understand remote.

The Dual motor mechanism allows you to control different parts of the chair independently from each other, offering more freedom with positioning that is made possible by the 5 button handset. Much like the single motor the Dual motor system allows the user to sit with their ankles above heart level which can help to reduce swollen ankles and help increase blood flow.

Dual motor

The dual motor riser recliner mechanism offers additional versatility. In a dual motor riser recliner chair, the user has the option of raising the leg rest or reclining the backrest independently. A dual motor riser recliner chair is the preferred option for users with greater mobility levels or who struggle to find a comfortable sitting position easily.

Wall hugger

A wall hugging riser recliner chair can sit as close as 4 inches away from the wall or any other objects that sit behind the chair, this is because instead of the head rest just moving back, the whole chair will slowly and gently slide forward as the head moves back, this will mean that you will need more space at the front of the chair for when you are fully reclined, however, when the wall hugging recliner is not reclined it will provide more space towards the front.

Watch our videos to find out more about our riser recliner chair mechanisms.


Beginner’s guide to buying a riser recliner chair

Shopping for a riser recliner chair may seem like an easy task, but with so many options to weigh up before choosing the perfect one for you, you’re going to need to take so many factors into consideration before deciding on the final chair for you.

When picking your riser recliner chair it’s difficult to know where to start. Do you want a single motor or a dual motor? What style do you want? Fabric or leather? There are endless possibilities which is why this guide will help you towards choosing the perfect chair for you.

Why is size important?

Here at Rise & Recline Ltd size is very important, we fit your chair exactly to your specification meaning your size measurements are crucial to getting the correctly sized riser recliner chair. We want to give you the most comfortable chair and we believe by fitting it to your exact measurements we can do this.

Dual or single motor?

When choosing your specific Rise & Recline Ltd chair you’ll want to know which motor is for you. The dual motor gives you complete independent control of both the footrest and the back of the chair, whereas a single motor will recline to a comfortable position and lift to a near standing position all in one function.

Space is more important than you think

Different riser recliner chairs require different amounts of space, this means you need to take into consideration the size of the chair before you purchase it. For a standard riser recliner chair you will need both space in front and behind the chair to allow for the specific technology to move around. However, for a wall hugger chair you will need less room behind the chair meaning the chair can be placed closer to the wall. Having trouble deciding which riser recliner mechanism is for you, please read our previous article here to help you decide.

Style and design

You want your riser recliner chair to be as stylish as possible don’t you? Well here at Rise & Recline Ltd we have 11 different designs to choose from meaning you really are spoilt for choice. All of our chair designs are able to be viewed here and you can find a little bit more detail about each one, you want a chair that complements the room it’s in but you may also want it to stand out.

Fabric or leather?

Choosing which material you want really does affect the final appearance of your chair. You’ve got all your technological parts in place but what about the final look? Leather is easily maintainable whereas fabric can be a tough maintenance job, however, fabric offers a lot more colours and patterns than leather. Leather ages well and gets softer over the years whereas fabric can get marked and damaged easier. Fabric tends to be warmer and cosier than leather but ultimately, it is down to personal preference.

Here at Rise & Recline Ltd we intend on making a product that is perfect for you, with your specific requirements and measurements being taken on board, we really do go that extra mile to make a change in your life.  


What is wall hugger technology?

One of the mechanisms available across all of Rise and Recline Ltd riser recliner chairs is the wall hugging mechanism, it is specifically designed for those with limited space and don’t have the room for conventional chairs that have to sit away from the wall. So what is it and what can it do for you?

A wall hugging riser chair can sit as close as 4 inches away from the wall or any other objects that sit behind the chair, this is because instead of the head rest just moving back the whole chair will slowly and gently slide forward as the head moves back, this will mean that you will need more space at the front of the chair for when you are fully reclined however when the wall hugging recliner is not reclined it will give more space in the front.
When rising, the wall hugger recliner uses flat lift technology to stop you from feeling like you may slip off of the chair. The wall hugging recliners will slowly transfer your weight from your hips to your knees and can be stopped whenever you feel comfortable to stand and walk away from the chair.

Rise and Recline Ltd’s wall hugging recliners come with a two button remote for ease of use and giving the user the ability to be able to enjoy the recliner as soon as it is installed. The wall hugging recliners also come with safety features such as sprung scissors and plastic finger guards to prevent injury or any trapped fingers.

For more information or to purchase one of our wall hugging recliners please visit your nearest stockist or call us on: 0115 913 3572.
To view our video on wall hugging mechanisms please click here


How Rise & Recline Ltd chairs can support the elderly

Rise & Recline Ltd offer the perfect support chairs for the elderly, due to the fact that they’re completely tailor made to our customers specification. We listen to what you want and we meet your requirements with no fuss at all.

At Rise & Recline Ltd we have a very wide variety of different styles of rise and recliner chairs, ranging from a back and leg support chairs to ease users into comfortable seating positions; to wall hugger chairs for those with a limited amount of space.

Being able to design your own bespoke chair can prove very beneficial for the elderly in particular. As we age, it is often the case that we develop particular impairments or mobility difficulties.  What we hope to achieve with Rise and Recline Ltd chairs is to provide a solution that works around each customer’s individual challenges and allow them to gain back their independence and freedom. Our added extras, variety of materials and exceptional capability ensure that we are able to create the perfect rise and recliner chair for you, whether it be a support chair, a bariatric chair or an adjustable chair, we always put our customers necessities first.

We offer a wide range of riser chairs for the elderly – there are many modern, stylish designs to chose from,  if that is what you are looking for and we also offer more traditional and functional rise and recliner chairs to fit into any home environment. There are a range of mechanisms that we fit on to our chairs, from the single motor chairs to the dual motor rise and recliner chairs.

We aim to make our customers happy through our rise and recliner chairs and whole furniture range. Our aim is to give an elderly person their independence back so that they aren’t relying on a family member to help them.  We want to give them freedom and comfort within their home and we hope to make their life easier and hope that our chairs make a significant change to their lives.

View our range of riser recliner chairs today, available in almost any fabric you can think of, and built bespoke to your needs.


Dual Motor or Single Motor: Which Riser Recliner Mechanism is Best for You?

Rise and Recline Ltd. manufacture a range of adjustable chairs, sofas and beds, right here in the UK. All riser recliner chairs are hand manufactured to each user’s specification, with a wealth of options to choose from, including the type of riser recliner mechanism. So which is right for you? A dual motor riser recliner chair, or a single motor?

Both single and dual motor rise and recline chairs support the user slowly and carefully from a sitting to a standing position and back to a sitting position again. But each works in a slightly different way, offering a number of discrete advantages to different users.

Here are some of the key differences between the two to help you decide.

Single Motor Riser Recliner Chair

In a single motor rise and recline chair, the leg rest and backrest adjust in unison, operated by the same motor, through the handset. As the backrest reclines, the footrest elevates. This reduces pressure on the hips and allows the user to gain a comfortable seating or reclined position without sliding down the seat.

By maintaining the angle of the back, a single motor riser recliner chair also reduces friction and shear in the hip joints; body weight is evenly spread, eliminating the build-up of pressure. This makes a single motor riser recliner chair the preferred choice for users with reduced mobility, back or joint problems.

Dual Motor Riser Recliner Chair

A dual motor rise and recline chair operates in the same way as a single motor in that it carefully and safely raises the user from a sitting to standing position. However, the dual motor rise and recline mechanism offers additional versatility. In a dual motor riser recliner chair, the user has the option of raising the leg rest or reclining the backrest independently.

A dual motor riser recliner chair is the preferred option for users with greater mobility levels or who struggle to find a comfortable sitting position easily.

Each mechanism offers key advantages depending on the user type. To discover more about the differences between a dual motor or single motor riser recliner chair, talk to your nearest Rise and Recline Ltd. stockist today.

To take a closer look at the two mechanisms to decide which one may be for you,  you can watch our mechanism videos here which gives you a bit more of an insight into the two options amongst others.



Riser Recliner Chair Mechanism Infomercials

Brand new riser recliner chair video infomercials are now available!


As you may have seen in our previous post, Rise & Recline Ltd. Video Preview, we’ve been very busy behind the scenes preparing brand new video infomercials showcasing our top riser recliner chair products and what benefits their mechanisms have to offer.

riser recliner chair mechanisms riser recliner chair riser recliner chair mechanisms

These videos are now complete and available to watch here on our website, or on the Rise & Recline YouTube channel. We have a total of four new videos now available, each presenting different riser recliner chairs and their unique mechanisms. The mechanisms displayed in the videos are the following:

  • • Dual Motor Tilt-in-Space Riser Recliner Chair
  • • Single Motor Tilt-in-Space Riser Recliner Chair
  • • Dual Motor Riser Recliner Chair
  • • Wall-hugger Mechanism Riser Recliner Chair


You can view the video infomercials on the Riser Recliner Chair Mechanisms page.


Rise & Recline Ltd. Video Sneak Preview

Here at Rise and Recline Ltd. we’ve been very busy behind the scenes, preparing brand new videos showcasing some of our top riser recliner chair products and the beneficial features they have to offer.

riser recliner c hair video shootRiser Recliner Chair Photo Shoot

We have a total of four new videos underway, each displaying different riser recliner chairs and their unique mechanisms. The upcoming videos explain the ease of how to use our comfort chairs, as well as the mobility advantages they provide.

We’re looking forward to publishing the videos within the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled on the Rise and Recline Ltd. website as well as our social media networks.

Riser Recliner Chair Riser Recliner Chairs Riser Recliner Chairs Riser Recliner Chairs

Gem 106’s Sam Pinkham was on hand on the day to present the new videos – although he was so happy with our riser recliner chairs, it was difficult to get him out of them!

Sam Pinkham Gem 106 - Riser Recliner Chair



riser recliner sofa

Benefits of Riser Recliner Sofas

Riser Recliner Sofas offer a stylish, comfortable seating alternative for couples who struggle with mobility.

If you, or a loved one, struggles with mobility, you may have already considered a riser recliner chair. But while a riser recliner chair will provide increased support and comfort, there are a few reasons why you might be better suited to a recliner comfort sofa.

Couples can sit together on a recliner sofa

A recliner chair will provide you with touch-of-a-button comfort, allowing you to raise your feet and lay back in comfort. But not everybody wants to sit alone. With a recliner sofa, you and your partner can enjoy the same comfort, and increased support with mobility, while still sitting together. With both sides of the sofa operating independently you can each find your own comfortable sitting position, but still enjoy sitting together.

Is it time to replace an existing sofa?

If you’re already thinking about mobility furniture, and your existing sofa is in need of a replacement then it might be an idea to replace it with a recliner sofa that matches your other furniture and decor. Rise and Recline Ltd. have thousands of fabrics to choose from so we’re sure you’ll find a comfort sofa that matches the rest of your suite. This makes it much easier than buying a recliner chair and then shopping around for a replacement sofa that matches your new chair.

All Rise and Recline Ltd. comfort sofas are hand-built to your exact measurements, right here in the UK. To speak to us about buying a comfort sofa or any of our other mobility furniture, contact us today or find your nearest stockist.


For The Ultimate Comfort Chair

When it comes to getting greater comfort from your chair, a Rise and Recline Ltd adjustable comfort chair could be the answer.

You’re sitting in your armchair, watching TV or trying to read, but for some reason, you just can’t find a comfortable position. You’ve tried propping cushions up behind you but they keep slipping down; you’ve tried putting your feet on a foot stool but it’s just the wrong height; you’ve tried slouching, you’ve tried sitting up straight. And the longer you sit there, the less comfort you get from your chair. Sound familiar? It might be worth looking into an adjustable chair from Rise and Recline Ltd.

comfort chair

Now you might think that comfort chairs are meant for elderly people, and while they certainly do provide a great deal of valuable support for elderly users, with hundreds of materials to choose from and a range of designs available, they also provide style and comfort to a wide range of users.

How? Firstly, all of our comfort chairs are custom built to your dimensions. Each chair is the perfect height, width and depth to provide you with total comfort based on your measurements. You can also adjust the chair to a sitting position that suits you. If you want to lean back and put your feet up, you can, at the press of a button. With a dual motor chair, the foot rest moves independently of the chair back, allowing you to find the perfect sitting position.

And that’s not all. Our chairs come with a range of additional features designed for added comfort. From head pillows to heating systems and 6 or 10 motor massage functions. All comfort chairs are hand built in the UK, to your exact specifications.

So, elderly or not, there is plenty of reason to buy a comfort chair from Rise and Recline. To discuss our range of adjustable comfort chairs, contact Rise and Recline Ltd, or click here to find your nearest stockist.


Riser Recliner Chairs are More Than Just a Mobility Aid

Riser recliner chairs are often associated with being an aid for the elderly or somebody with mobility issues. Although this is very much the case, riser recliner chairs are much more than just a mobility aid. Nowadays, these kinds of chairs have become very popular amongst a large variety of people. Because of the growing popularity, the styles and designs of these chairs that are available are becoming more and more varied.

Riser recliner chairs bring a sense of style and comfort to your home. The chairs can make an excellent addition to your home, and potentially become one of your favourite pieces of furniture in your living room.


Styles & Design

If requested, we at Rise & Recline can even have a chair completely tailor made to fit your exact requirements. So you can order a chair to fit your current living room interior design perfectly! Your riser recliner chair will look as if it’s always been a part of your home due to its excellently designed style.



Riser recliner chairs give your body the full support it needs. By adapting the chair to a wide range of different positions, you can adjust it to suit your preference – relaxing has never been so good. The chair’s high quality comfort can also relieve pain from any kinds of strains or aches you come across, so you can sit back and enjoy watching TV or reading a book in peace.


National association of equipment providers

New ‘Versatility’ Riser Recliner Chair Planned for Launch at NAEP

This year’s NAEP National Annual Conference will see Rise & Recline Ltd. unveil our latest innovation in versatile riser recliner seating for the care sector. The ‘Versatility’ chair will enable occupational therapists to fully customise a chair to suit their exact needs.

Riser Recliner Chair Specifier

Occupational therapists will even be able to specify a Versatility chair entirely online through our new chair builder tool. By selecting selecting the mechanical features and dimensions you require you’ll be able to fully customise your Versatility riser recliner.

The NAEP National Annual Conference is to be held at Chesford Grange Conference Centre and Hotel on the 16th and 17th of June and Rise & Recline Ltd. Rise & Recline Ltd. will be demonstrating the Versatility riser recliner on both days at stand F40.
If you need any more information on the conference or the upcoming launch of our Versatility chair, or if you would like to discuss our range of riser recliners, call 0115 913 3572 to talk to a member of our team.