Made to Order

Our Rise and Recline chairs are made to measure, because we understand you want to enjoy your chair as soon as possible. So here’s everything we do to ensure your chair is perfect.


The process

It takes a great deal of expertise and a diligent eye for detail to turn your order into your perfect riser recliner chair. During the build of your chair it passes through many stages and through several expert hands.


The process begins when your works order is read and the appropriate fabric is selected for cutting. Once thoroughly checked, patterns are laid out as required and the fabric is cut.


A very important stage where quality control is concerned. The R&R seamstresses check, then assemble the different cut parts together, to prepare your chair for upholstering.

Warehouse Picking

Our warehouse team now picks the correct frame and foam for your bespoke chair and supplies it to the upholsterers, complete with the chair’s sewn covers.


The R&R upholsterers quality check the seamstresses’ work and the frame of your chair to ensure the correct size is ready to be covered. They then upholster the arms and backs of the chair as per your order.


After the upholsterers have completed their work your chair is quality checked once again. The mechanism is then prepared and the upholstered parts are bolted on by our team of builders. This involves further upholstery of the seat box and kickboards.


Once your bespoke chair has been assembled, a quality supervisor checks all the measurements and ensures the upholstery quality of the finished product. It is then passed through to the warehouse for one last inspection and packing.


The final stage your chair goes through before despatch. The chair is cleaned off, operated to check all functions are working and then packed and labelled with a unique serial number. It is then placed in a specific loading bay for collection and sent on its way to you the very next day. As you can see, quality control is vital to every stage of our ISO 9001 production process. This means that you can be sure every chair you receive has the R&R stamp of approval and will always be made to our high standards!

Your complete chair

From order to delivery the whole process feels easy.  Within the build time we've packed in years of training and expertise in order to provide you with a quality product that fits your exact requirements.