Electric Adjustable Beds

Custom-made electric adjustable beds for your ultimate comfort, available in Single, Hi-Lo carer, Dual and Double, with unique sizing, mattress configurations, and ultra-quiet motors, 7-10 working days from order.

Electric Adjustable Beds

With an electric adjustable bed, you can alter your position at the press of a button. Whether you enjoy sitting up watching television or reading before you go to sleep. Quickly and easily adjust to your preferred sleeping position, whilst your Rise and Recline bed ensures your body is evenly supported, minimising pressure points and giving complete relaxation.

5 Stunning Designs to Choose From

Every Rise and Recline bed is custom-made to ensure ultimate comfort, but we understand how your bed looks is important too. This is why we have created a range of 5 styles designed specifically to combine elegance with all the benefits of an electric adjustable bed.


The Richmond Adjustable Bed
Ultimate Comfort, Specialist Design.

The Windsor Adjustable Bed
Sumptuous Style, Maximum Versatility.

The Blenheim Adjustable Bed
Luxurious Comfort, Stylish Design.

The Balmoral Adjustable Bed
Ultimate Luxury, Lavish Detailing.

The Sherwood Adjustable Bed
Ultimate Comfort, Lavish Design.


Double Electric Adjustable Beds

Transform your sleep with the touch of a button using our Double Electric Adjustable Beds, where comfort meets customisation.

Dual Electric Adjustable Beds

Discover unparalleled comfort and customization with our Dual Electric Adjustable Beds, where each side adjusts independently for the ultimate personalised sleep experience.

The Perfect Headboard for You

Our beautiful range of headboards can be upholstered in any fabric, including fabric or genuine leather. With designs to complement any interior, our upholstered headboards create a style statement in your bedroom.

Matching or contrasting upholstery

Whether you are looking for fashion or function, we offer a fantastic headboard collection. Typically people choose a headboard to match their bed base covering - but you can choose any covering you like when you select your Rise & Recline Headboard.

Get inspired by our headboards

Whatever interior you love, let your bed take centre stage with your choice of fabric or leather applied to our stylish headboard collections. With pronounced design lines or curved edges, you choose a subtle or bold statement to your bedroom.


• 4 Elegant designs
• Upholstered in your choice of luxury fabric or leather
• Padded for Comfort

For a chic, elegant headboard that complements the colour scheme of your bedroom, take a look at the Rise & Recline headboards.

The Perfect Mattress for You

The bed choice is the easiest as most people have in their mind what they expect from their bed. There’s nothing quite like retiring to a comfortable bed after a long day, however, choosing the right mattress is the most crucial part. Which is why Rise & Recline recommend a FREE bed design consulation - so you can be assured of getting it right.

Choosing The Right Mattress For You

Every Rise & Recline bed is custom-made to ensure ultimate comfort, this includes the mattress, so here we take the time to explain the difference but we always recommend you take up the offer of a FREE consultation.

Reflex Foam
✓ Coolmax® quilted zip off purpose made mattress cover with 5 years warranty.
✓ Reflex - high-density weight responsive foam
✓ Massage Options Available

Reflexion Memory Foam
✓ Coolmax® quilted zip off purpose made mattress cover with 5 years warranty.
✓ Vasco 60 - The ultimate support and protection system
✓ Reflex - high-density weight responsive foam
✓ Massage Options Available

✓ Coolmax® for optimal temperature regulation whilst you sleep
✓ Eco-friendly mattress filling
✓ Natural open-cell structure for good air flow
✓ Natural resistance to mould and dust mites
✓ Easy to care for mattress covers