Double Electric Adjustable Beds

A double electric adjustable bed provides the ultimate in comfort and flexibility. It utilises a single mechanism to adjust the double mattresses using an ‘easy to use’ remote control. Which means a single user requiring extra room in bed experience the positional changes for that zero gravity feeling night after night. A double bed has one mattress which is controlled by a single 4 axis, 5 part action adjustable mechanism.


Adjustable double beds with independent electric mattress adjustment

Every Rise and Recline bed is custom-made to ensure ultimate comfort, but we understand how your bed looks is important too. This is why we have created a range of 5 styles designed specifically to combine elegance with all the benefits of an electric adjustable bed.

1. The Richmond Adjustable Bed
Ultimate Comfort, Specialist Design.

2. The Windsor Adjustable Bed
Sumptuous Style, Maximum

3. The Blenheim Adjustable Bed
Luxurious Comfort, Stylish Design.

4. The Balmoral Adjustable Bed
Ultimate Luxury, Lavish Detailing