How riser recliner chairs work

Electric riser recliner chairs are perfect for all ages. They have a structured system that sets them apart from ordinary reclining chairs. With a wider range of motion, rise and reclining chairs work with a rise and recline action within the chair – thus helping people to sit and stand up from their chair effortlessly.

With an easily accessible handheld control, you are able to adjust the armchair to a position that best suits you. Depending on your needs, this range of motion can begin from a standing position, all the way to the full recline position, and back up to the fully risen position as you get out of your seat. As weight is spread evenly across the platform, you do not have to worry about the chair losing balance or stability. Your comfort is always at the forefront and is never compromised.

Rising motion

With the smooth motion of gradually lifting you onto your feet from the seating position, there is no unnecessary pressure placed on your legs, hips, or even your arms. Without this momentum, you would have had to use areas of your body to push yourself out of the chair, which can be almost impossible, if not detrimental,  for those with health conditions or disabilities.

The rising motion will also allow you to go from the standing position to your desired seating position. The way this is done is by controlling the chair so that it is already in the lifted position before you sit. By carefully leaning into the chair, you can guide yourself down at your own pace to the seating position.

Sitting position

Bespoke riser recliner chairs are tailor-made to meet your specific size, weight, and height requirements. Ergonomically designed, you are provided with maximum support and comfort as you relax watching TV or reading your favourite book.

For those of a larger size, we also offer a heavy duty riser recliner chair from our Bariatric chair range.


As each riser recliner chair can have additional features like a heat system and massage motor, the reclined position gives you an optimal seating experience. Effortlessly transitioning you from the upright sitting into the reclining motion at a touch of a button, you can diversify your seating positions to indulge in relaxation that little bit more.

Like mentioned above, riser recliner chairs are tailor-made to match with your requirements, therefore leaving you with a platform that ensures optimum stability. With a number of different chair mechanisms to suit each individual, you are bound to find the perfect riser recliner chair for you.

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