What to consider when choosing a chair for the elderly

As we age, our mobility decreases; as a result, comfort will become a higher priority. Therefore, you must pay more attention to your elderly relatives’ needs. In no way shape or form is it healthy or acceptable for the elderly to sit slumped in their chairs. The poor posture of leaning to one side can contribute to strain on the body.

Listen out for any complaints about aches and pains, especially if they are sitting in a chair for prolonged periods of time. Also, be mindful of how they are sitting in their chairs. If they are in a slouching position for the majority of the time, it could lead to them to slide out of their chair. Nobody, regardless of age, should have to endure sitting in a chair that provides them with discomfort and no support. This is why a chair that meets their needs should be considered a necessity, not a luxury.

Maximising comfort

There are numerous benefits of sitting in the correct upright position. When older people are in a chair that doesn’t allow for this, the slouching position can cause the opposite effect on health.

This is why comfort and support should be considered the most important aspect to ensure that the chair is right for your loved one. Not only will it improve their quality of life, but less strain will also be put on the body.

Correct head and neck support

Along with maximising comfort, the correct support should be another high priority when looking for chairs for the elderly. When an individual’s ability to support their head in an upright position is lessened, additional head support is vital. This can be provided with a structured pillow which is built to the design of the chair, or achieved through an optional extra head pillow.

Made to measure

When it comes to buying chairs, you shouldn’t go into the research process thinking it’s a one size fits all. With thousands of variations available, not every type will come close to meeting the requirements of your elderly relative. For example, the T-Back Riser Recliner chair is specifically designed for those with back pain, whilst the Bariatric Riser Recliner chair is specially designed to support weights of up to 70st.

Each individual will require different chairs depending on the level of their limited mobility. This may mean that chairs with wheels are much more suited than a fixed chair.  Think about what it is that is required for utmost comfort and have a chair tailored to match just that.

Pressure management

It is important for those who are sitting in a chair for a long period of time to transfer their weight. Think about it, when you are sitting down at a desk or binging a TV series, you probably move around 4-5 times to regain comfortability. When an individual has reduced mobility, they are unable to have as much freedom to move around to get comfortable again.

When looking for a chair, be sure to ask an expert for the specifications of the product to ensure that pressure management is incorporated throughout the design of the chair. Tilt-in-Space chairs tend to be an important function you should look out for.

Things to consider when looking for a Rise and Recliner

Riser recliner chairs are a great seating option for the elderly as they help them maintain their independence. Extremely popular amongst those with injuries and/or limited mobility, electric rise and recliner chairs offer comfort with additional benefits. Each type of chair will have optional mechanisms to meet different specifications.

With bespoke customisation, you can find a riser recliner chair that suits your eldelry relatives needs. Discuss with your loved one what it is that they desire, and from this, narrow down what it is you are looking for exactly. Once you know what features they are after and the usage of the chair, take a look through brochures to help you. When you enter into the purchase stage, be sure to try out the models you are considering. This way you will know for sure you are receiving the perfect chair.

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