Top tips to get yourself out of bed with ease

Getting out of bed in the morning can be hard enough when you’ve had a terrible night’s sleep, however, compounded with mobility problems, it can actually seem like an impossible task.

As we age, we lose strength in our bones and joints, meaning we’re particularly susceptible to the exact mobility problems that would keep us bedbound. This, in turn, means we’re more reliant on products and techniques that make our days a bit easier to start!

With this in mind, this article will review the many expert recommendations on the best ways to get out of bed for those less limber than they once were!

Advanced beds

Using an adjustable bed, anyone can climb out of bed with ease.

Perhaps the bed best-suited to those with little mobility is the Richmond Adjustable Bed. With over-table access, bar cot sides and grab rail accessories, as well as stylish headboards and a 5/10 motor massage, the Richmond Adjustable is immeasurably practical whilst undeniably luxurious.

For more information, you can request an brochure.

Back to basics

As aforementioned, a bad night’s sleep is only going to cause additional problems on top of any mobility problems you suffer, so ensuring your mattress is the perfect fit can be essential to being well-rested and ready for action each morning.

A luxury pocket Sprung Mattress brings all the support of a standard pocket sprung mattress, however with greater thickness and extra padding, allows for even more comfort ensuring a quality night’s sleep. This being said, nothing provides more stability than Memory foam Mattresses.

With two-way stretch fabric, the memory foam mattress moulds itself perfectly to the shape of your body, providing pressure relief as well as allowing the body to maintain its natural posture.

Good movement

There are a large number of techniques available to those who are less nimble at getting out of bed. Surprisingly, one that’s highly recommended by doctors, physios and immobility-sufferers alike is a technique that uses many body parts as opposed to few!

  1. Whilst lying on your side, bring up your knees so the top half of your legs are at 90° to your body.
  2. Hang the lower part of your legs over the edge of the bed.
  3. Pushup with your arm(s) so that you tilt upwards, keeping your bum in place.
  4. Plant your feet on the ground and push up with both your arms and legs.

Keeping up good movement can always be helped by stretching (whilst in bed). Read some top stretching tips.

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