Are adjustable beds good for the elderly

It is pretty well known that as we age our bodies crave more rest in order to restore and repair.  This is why the comfort of your bed and mattress is so important when it comes to the type of sleep you are able to achieve at night.

With adjustable beds, you have a variety of positions to experience. Along with finding that perfect laying position, you can adjust yourself for more practical reasons – like rising to a sitting position to get out of bed with ease.

In this guide, we will discuss the factors you should consider when getting an adjustable bed for the elderly.

Health and well-being

Over the years, we tend to become more prone to health conditions. This can cause various parts of the body to become more painful and stiff. From this, it is usually recommended that as you sleep, you alternate the position you are in as you rest to alleviate the pain.

With an adjustable bed, you are able to manoeuvre yourself in different positions with a touch of a button. This makes it extremely convenient for those who suffer from muscle pains or injuries. As you will be providing yourself with a new flow of blood and oxygen circulation, the development of any sores will begin to decrease – giving your body its well-deserved rest.

Relaxation and leisure

Besides providing adjustability to those who are bedridden, adjustable beds are perfect for those who like to spend extra leisure time in bed. Whether you enjoy to watch morning TV in bed or read a book in before you go to sleep, you can choose the setting which allows you to sit up with ease. Since you are now in a more comfortable position, you can also perform other tasks that would have required you to sit up manually.

Depending on the model you decide to go with, you can raise and lower the top, centre, and bottom of the mattress and frame to find a comfortable position.

Things to consider

Adjustable beds may not be suitable for every type of sleeper. For example, those of you who are side and stomach sleepers, having parts of your body elevated may not compliment your natural sleeping position healthily.  Instead, it will probably be best to have the bed laid neutral and have a mattress that is best suited for side sleepers.

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