Effects of lack of sleep on work performance

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to our mental and physical wellbeing. It is important to get a restful night’s sleep in order to recover and repair our body and mind, as well as being refreshed in order to face the day ahead. A poor night’s sleep can have lasting consequences. In the long term, poor sleep can seriously impact our health, but even in the short term, issues can arise, particularly when working following a particularly bad night’s sleep. Here are some of the ways just one night of poor sleep can affect your performance at work. 


The first thing you may notice after a poor night’s sleep (certainly the first thing your boss is likely to notice) is being late to work. Oversleeping after failing to drop off early enough the night before, combined with lethargy making it take longer to get ready, may well make you run late and set you back for the whole day. 


Not sleeping enough at night can lead to lapses in concentration. Aside from making the working day a bit more of a slog, this can have health and safety consequences as well, particularly if you are driving or operating machinery. It can also lead to mistakes being made and details being missed during the course of your work. 


Not sleeping can also affect our mood. We all know all too well how a poor night’s sleep can make us irritable and quick to anger, which could cause problems if directed at the wrong person. Similarly, just small changes in our mood and not having our usual cheery disposition can affect our performance, particularly if working in a customer-facing role.

Lack of motivation 

Those daily tasks aren’t going to complete themselves, but if you’re struggling after a poor night’s sleep, many of them may not get done at all. Tiredness through lack of sleep is more likely to make you put off work until you have the energy to cope with it while making the tasks you do complete take longer. The knock-on effect from this is that it makes the work build-up, leading to further stress in the workplace.

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