Fun Summer activities for the elderly

The warm weather is finally here and getting out in the sunshine can be a great mood elevator. Being out in the fresh air and getting active provide a fantastic boost to our physical and mental wellbeing. With that in mind, here are some ideas for Summer activities which will get you out of the house and into the sunshine, regardless of age or mobility. 


Gardening is a wonderful way to get into nature and get some light exercise, with the added benefit of the satisfaction that comes with seeing the fruits of your labour come to life. And it doesn’t have to be back-breaking labour either. Raised beds or planters at waist height allow you to plant flowers and plants without having to get down on your knees and still create a wonderful flower bed to enjoy. 


Getting out and walking, even for just 30 minutes a day, will provide a fantastic boost to your health and wellbeing and is a great way to get out and enjoy the sunshine as well as taking in some of the scenery around your home.

Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, take a trip farther afield and enjoy some of the scenery elsewhere. The National Trust, for instance, has hundreds of properties across the UK for you to enjoy, many of which have gardens and grounds to stroll around. This allows you to get closer to nature, while also providing the convenience of facilities and refreshment areas as well as plenty of seating for taking a rest and taking in the surroundings.

Bird watching 

Whether you’re an avid bird watcher or not, bird watching provides an excuse for simply getting outdoors and into nature. The silence and patience required provide the opportunity for you to calm your mind and reflect while connecting with nature. 


Grab an easel and your paints and head to your favourite spot for a day of painting. Even if you aren’t the most confident painter, don’t worry; you don’t have to be Constable to get the most out of painting a picturesque landscape. The important thing is that you’re taking in your surroundings and enjoying the scenery and, of course, practice makes perfect. 

Outdoor concerts 

Many local authorities put on outdoor activities in local parks. Whether that’s a theatre performance or a concert on the bandstand, throughout the summer there will be a range of relaxing and enjoyable entertainments taking place in your local area, providing you with the opportunity to enjoy a balmy summer evening outdoors with live entertainment to keep you occupied. 

If you suffer from mobility issues, this needn’t stop you enjoying your life and there are plenty of ways you can enjoy the Summer sun that aren’t too strenuous. At Rise and Recline Ltd. we support our customers to maintain their independence regardless of mobility concerns with our range of supportive furniture. Take a look at our Riser Recliner chairs today and start regaining your independence.

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