Hobbies for the elderly

Getting older doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying life. In fact, many people use it as an excuse to discover new activities they had never considered before. If you’re concerned that old age is making you less active, here are some ways you can keep yourself entertained as well as engage with the local community. 


Art is a great way to relax and unwind and it doesn’t require too much effort to get started. All you need is a sketch pad and a bench in your local park. You could also look at taking art lessons which would give you a focus and get you meeting other people. 


There are a lot of dancing styles that don’t require you to be particularly physically fit or able bodied to get the most out of the movement. There are a lot of line dancing or circle dancing groups you could join or, if you’re feeling particularly up to the challenge, you could also consider ballroom dancing. 


Gardening is a wonderfully rewarding hobby as, not only does it get you out in the fresh air, but you also get to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Gardening doesn’t have to be particularly strenuous either. You can use raised planters to avoid having to crawl around on your hand and knees and choose plants that require minimal maintenance. 

Card games 

Card games, such as Bridge, are a great way to get out and meet new people. Check your local community centre notice board for groups you might be able to join. 


It’s a bit of a cliché but if you’re somebody who has always enjoyed participating in competitive sport, bowls is a good way to keep up your participation even with reduced fitness levels. 


Keeping active and maintaining physical health is essential to personal wellbeing. A good way to support this is with yoga. This helps to keep your muscle strength up and joints supple. For those with reduced mobility, alternatives such as chair yoga could also be considered. 

Finding new hobbies and ways to get out of the house and keep active is an important way to maintain your independence. At Rise and Recline Ltd we support people to maintain their independence by providing quality adjustable furniture. Order a copy of our brochure and take a look at our full range and how that can benefit you.

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