VAT Relief for Disabled: Everything you need to know

If you’re disabled or have a long-term illness, you may be entitled to VAT relief on products designed to adapt for your own personal or domestic use. In this article, we have put together a list of everything you need to know regarding your entitlement and what steps to take next. 

This article aims to cover:

  • What VAT relief is
  • Requirements for VAT relief
  • Products that have VAT relief 
  • How to get products VAT free 

If you’re interested to find out if you qualify for VAT relief, carry on reading the article below.

What is VAT relief?

VAT relief is designed to reduce the cost of products that are made to assist independent and daily living for those who are disabled or suffer from a long-term illness.  You generally won’t be charged VAT on the following in addition to the product itself:

  • The installation and any extra work needed as part of this 
  • Repairs or maintenance
  • Spare parts or accessories 

Both the product and disability must qualify for VAT relief.

What are the requirements for VAT relief?

To qualify for VAT relief you must be chronically sick or disabled and the goods you purchase must be for personal or domestic use. For VAT purposes, you’re chronically sick or disabled if you have the following: 

  • Physical or mental impairment which has a long term and substantial adverse effect on your ability to carry out everyday activities
  • A condition that the medical profession treats as a chronic sickness (that’s a long term health condition)

If you would like more information regarding the specific requirements for qualifying for VAT relief visit the GOV website.

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