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Configure your Riser Recliner Chair

Choose a chair style

Chair style icon Lateral Support Image of white tick

A supportive positional cushioning system, purposely designed for maintaining a symmetrical posture and support. This feature is ideal for patients who tend to lean to one side when seated and ensures a balanced position when rising to stand.

Chair style icon Royal Image of white tick

A three cushion multi positional system allowing maximum support that can be easily be set for each individual patient when seated or reclined. This system is mainly used with tilt in space to complement pressure area care and patient comfort.

Chair style icon T-Back Image of white tick

A vertical split back rest which is supported laterally without direct pressure on the spinal area. This is an ideal solution for patients with curvature of the spine and spinal injuries whilst still offering vital support in all positions.

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Select your covering option

Our chairs are available in a range of materials, from fully wipe-clean vinyl, to fabric or a combination of the two.

Select your covering option
Pick a material covering

Our Vinyl combines style, safety and longevity and is ideal for heavy duty environments. Its properties are, Anti-fungal (Mildew), Antibacterial (Inc MRSA) and Antistatic. It is Crib 5, waterproof and tested to 100,000 rub test.

The cushioning system is covered in a technical advanced material called Dartex that will meet all requirements from tissue viability, micro climate and infection control. It’s medical advantages are: a two way stretch fabric – significantly reducing shear and friction, machine washable at 71°c, vapour permeable – excellent skin micro climate, waterproof, crib 5 and Anti-fungal. Perfect for the seating area!

Our fabric selections are vast, warming to the touch, very durable, easy to clean and ideal for recycling environments. Characteristic are: 100,000 rub test, Cigarette and match test compliant and machine washable.

Here you have the best of both worlds, postural support from the VP covered cushioning system and the homely warm to touch from the material. This hybrid system will promote longevity and reliability whilst meeting your clinical needs.

Chair rising forwards Example of material back and arms with vinyl seat
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Enter your patient's weight

User weight affects the mechanism options, please select your patient's weight range.

Image of weight scales
Outline of a person
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Choose your chair mechanism

Choose the most appropriate chair mechanism for your patients's needs.

Tilt-in-space single motor
Tilt-in-space single motor

A Single Tilt-in-Space model, moves on their own axis when rising or reclining. This results in a particularly high ‘feet-raised’ position

Tilt-in-space single motor
Tilt-in-space dual motor

The Dual Tilt-in-Space model offers independent movement of the head and footrest as the chair tilts, while the single motor does this in one movement.

Tilt-in-space single motor
Dual motor (non-Tilt-in-Space)

The Standard Dual Motor allows the head and footrest to move independently, giving the user a better opportunity to find the perfect comfort spot.

Chair reclining backwards
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Configure the chair to your patient

Select the most appropriate dimensions to tailor your chair

Show Diagram
Image of chair dimensions
Seat height
Seat depth
Seat Width
Arm height
Back height
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Choose ‘quality of life’ features

Add your custom chair features

Image of chair remote control

Side Transfer Options

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