Adjustable Beds

Take a step back and partake in ultimate relaxation when buying an electric adjustable bed.

Here at Rise & Recline Ltd, we put our customer’s health and comfort first. With our handcrafted high-quality materials, you can lay in luxury. To ensure you are getting the good night sleep you deserve, Choose from our specially designed double and single electric adjustable beds.


  • At Rise & Recline Ltd we design adjustable beds to meet natural body shape and position to give you the most comfortable resource
  • Everything is handcrafted to meet your specification, making us a truly individual company
  • These adjustable beds come with mobility support meaning it is much easier to get in and out of bed independently
  • A great range of adjustable beds are available meaning you truly are very close to complete comfort

Electric Adjustable Bed Collection

Outstanding Value, Uncompromising Flexibility and Quality

Ultimate Comfort, Specialist Design

Sumptuous Style, Maximum Versatility

Luxurious Comfort, Stylish Design

Ultimate Luxury, Lavish Detailing

A high quality, durable and feature rich medical bed at an affordable price.

Optimum patient comfort and safety with no compromise on functionality