Matching Sofas

If you want a complete new suite, matching rise and recline sofas are available in two and three seater options. The sofas are designed and handmade to match your rise and recliner chair, these are available with or without a movement function.

Matching Sofa Mechanisms

Settees are available in two versions – static or electric recline. Whether you choose to have your rise and recliner sofa as a fixed traditional arrangement or with static or an electric ‘wall hugger’ mechanism, you are assured of total comfort and relaxation.


Handcrafted to complement any of the six styles of chairs that Rise & Recline manufacture, the two and three seater settees provide the perfect solution for those who enjoy sitting together.

These sofas offer great support, helping to maximise moveability and independence along the way. They have a modern, stylish look and can really complement the rest of the room they feature in due, to being available in a wide range of fabrics.

The extensive range of technology on offer means you really can make the sofa your own perfect solution.