15 reasons to buy a Rise & Recline Ltd riser recliner chair

There are many reasons as to why people invest in riser recliner chairs, but why should you invest in Rise & Recline Ltd chairs in particular? Well, we’ve put together a list of 15 reasons as to why we believe you should buy your riser recliner chair from us.

Specialists – We have experts throughout the manufacturing process and ensure the best knowledge from our employees.

The whole chair is made from start to finish here at our unit in Long Eaton. We start from a piece of wood and end up with the full riser recliner chair.

We provide a bespoke opportunity. All of our riser recliner chairs are made to measure- we take your measurements and build the chair from scratch to meet your exact requirements. We are the only company in the country who do this.

At Rise & Recline Ltd we have a very strict 7-10 day delivery time. This means from the moment we take your exact measurements and take the order, we will build the chair from scratch and have it delivered to your home in only 7-10 days.

Our riser recliner chairs provide extreme comfort and relaxation for our customers, you only have to see what people say about us here.

When choosing your perfect riser recliner chair you want a colour and material that is perfect for you. Look no further! We offer a huge variety of colours in both fabric and leather meaning we really can give the appearance you’re after.

We provide a variety of different styles to our chairs, this allows you to choose the perfect one for you.

There’s a variety of mechanisms to choose from- do you want wall-hugger technology? A single or dual motor? These are the great choices you’ll have if you buy from us.

The customer always comes first- whatever you need, whenever you need it, we will always make sure you are happy with your treatment.

Not only do we offer riser recliner chairs, we also offer adjustable beds, sofas, day chairs and, mattresses– not looking for a chair or do you want something else also? Well, here we have other incredible products available.

Call us to arrange a free no-obligation visit. Try our chairs in the comfort of your own home through our free home demonstration.

We don’t allow a product to be sent to the customer if we aren’t happy with it. We run a number of checks throughout the manufacturing procedure and once the product is complete to ensure everyone is happy with the final product.

We’re a leading British riser recliner chair and sofa manufacturer showing we have experience and also top quality products on offer.

We want to be the company that changes your life- through our products we want to make a difference to the lives of our customers, whether it makes them more independent or just provides greater comfort.

At Rise & Recline Ltd, all of our riser recliner chairs are handmade in the UK. Find out more and request a brochure. If you find a chair that suits you, then view our online range of riser recliner chairs and find a stockist near you.