3 easy arm exercises to ease arthritis

Having arthritis may feel like your independence has been stolen from you. The painful inflammation causing joints to stiffen only gets worse as you age and can cause you to lose confidence when doing your day to day activities. Although there are medication and painkillers out there, we have created a 3 step exercise to introduce your body to movement again.

DISCLAIMER: Please check with your doctor before attempting any of the suggested exercises. We do not want you to get injured. As your doctor will know what type of arthritis you have, they will let you know and what you can and cannot participate in. if your body is telling you to stop, please do not force yourself to carry on.

Why exercise?

Exercising to lose weight can help improve your mobility and ease the pain in the long run, however, there are more benefits to exercising than just weight loss. Like most things it is best to start off small to gradually get yourself back into it instead of pushing your body to the limit as it can cause serious injuries. Low-impact exercises like swimming or stretching can improve your joints without adding stress as long as you are moving slowly and are taking a break when you feel pain. However, if you are not at that stage yet, that is absolutely fine as we all have to start off somewhere.

  1. Range-of-motion –

There are many different exercises that allow you to relieve your stiffness and increase your ability to move your joints. A fun way to get you started is through drawing an 8 with your hands and arms. To warm up, rolling your shoulders forward and back will allow blood to flow as well as building up to the full range of motion. Starting with your left arm, point out your index finger and create a huge figure of 8 three times before switching to your next arm. You can do this exercise at the comfort of your home while relaxing on one of our beautiful chairs.

  1. Hand Stretch –

Next, with a soft foam ball, squeeze it as much as you can before releasing your grip. From doing this for 8-15 reps every other day, it will strengthen your hand muscles. If this is too much for you or you do not have a foam ball handy, you can simply spread your fingers as wide as they can go and make a fist. This motion replicates the stretching and squeezing motion you would be doing with a ball. From this, you are building muscles in your hand that will help support and protect your joints. You can also do this particular exercise in bed just before you sleep if you want to increase your hand mobility.

  1. Lightweights –

The final stage is lifting light hand weights to build your endurance. We recommend you start off with no more than 2-5 lbs if you are not used to carrying heavy objects. Small bicep curls will create stronger muscles and eventually you will be able to perform daily activities like normal.  Make sure that your chair has armrests as it will allow you to control your movements. It is best to have a chair that provides you with maximum support and comfort. Look through our range of made to measure chairs to make sure you are getting the best comfort. If this exercise starts to become too easy for you, simply up the lbs but remember you shouldn’t exercise the same muscle groups two days in a row. Allow yourself a rest day or two and even longer if your joints are painful.

Do not overdo

If you do choose to advance with your exercises, make sure they are low impact. You can still improve vastly with low impact exercises, especially in water as it helps keep stress low while moving. Always move gently at first to warm up. If you have to spend a couple minutes warming up before you start on light weights, that is perfectly fine. If you experience any unusual sharp pain while exercising, stop immediately.

Here at Rise & Recline we want the best for you and value your health first and foremost. If you haven’t done so already, invest in a riser recliner chair or sofa. Your body will be most thankful for the investment you have made.