5 reasons to buy a foam mattress

Developed in the 1970s by NASA to improve the cushioning and crash protection for the airline industry, memory foam has become a commercial success. Especially in the health industry, the launch of the foam mattress has helped millions to sleep better at night.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss 5 reasons why it is worth investing in a foam mattress.

Relieve existing aches and pains

Foam mattresses can be one of the best types of mattresses for a bad back since it relieves the force on applied on the pressure points. This is one reason that a foam mattress is better for the back since it helps support the back, hips and shoulders.

People with painful conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia often report that foam mattresses help relieve their conditions due to the ability to contour to the body shape and not placing added pressure.

Support your spine

A foam mattress allows the body weight to be distributed equally across the bed. This is due to the material being able to mould to your body’s shape and providing support to your lower back.

A spring mattress, on the other hand, places more pressure on the shoulders, hips and heels. For back and side sleepers, this is problematic since it increases the pain that experienced in those areas.

Excellent durability

Whilst high-quality foam mattresses can be an expensive investment they do, however, last for at least 5-7 years with the higher quality foam (higher density) lasting up to 10 years.

Compared to spring beds which can often suffer from sagging after a few years, foam mattresses will not have this problem.

Minimise motion

If you have ever slept on a spring mattress and your partner has got off the bed or on the bed then you will realise that a spring bed can make waves. This can be an annoying problem for those who wake up during sleep due to their partner’s movement throughout the night.

Foam mattress will not have this problem since there are no inter-connected springs that will transfer movement across the bed.

Other benefits

Spring mattresses often have a fluffy fibre padding with large open spaces that is a perfect home for dust mites. Dust mites can often cause coughing, sneezing and nasal congestion.

A foam mattress discourages dust mites to burrow and breed because of the thick material does not give them a space to thrive.

This type of material is perfect for those with allergies and resists other allergens such as mould due to the material structure making it difficult for it to grow.

Rise and recline offer a dense foam mattress that combines both reflex and memory foam that allows it to rise quickly and offer adequate support for your body.