Additional features of a recliner sofa

Investing in a recliner sofa comes with a plethora of benefits. By taking the pressure off of your back as you relax, physical health is improved and stress is relieved.

In order to enhance your sitting experience, you can add a range of additional features to your sofa. As each add-on provides you with a specific perk, choose those that will suit your needs best.

In this article, we will delve into the features of a recliner chair and how they’re beneficial.

6/10 motor massage

We install a 6/10 motor massage within the majority of our recliner sofas. This piece of technology is an important addition to your sofa, as it provides a blissful massage as you unwind. Controlled via a remote, you can also set the speed of the massage and alter the massage intensity.

For those of you who experience back, shoulder or neck pain, the continuous stress and strain on your muscles need to be relieved. A recliner sofa with a massager will help to ease the pressure in certain areas of your body and even help prevent further health complications.

Fabric protection

We all know how difficult it can be to maintain that brand new look and feel of our recliner sofas. This is more often the case if they are made with fabric. An accidental spill could mean a nasty stain on the material, taking away from its stunning look. Luckily, all of our seating products can be treated with a high-quality protection to maintain the appearance. Therefore, you can sit happily knowing your sofa will stay in a better condition for longer

Dual motor

For those of you who have poor blood circulation or swollen joints, you need a sofa that will take the pressure off. The dual motor assistance will gently move the back and leg sections separately. Having this included in your sofa gives you a wide range of seating positions that will each deliver their own unique benefits.

This feature is also great for those who have just had surgery. If you are finding it painful to move an area of your body, you can take time and care to get into a position that is most comfortable. With that said, the single motor built in some sofas will work just as well.

Different styled sofa backs

Depending on your style, you may have noticed that each sofa has a different type of back to suit your preference.  All of our sofas are custom made to serve a purpose. We design each sofa back to tend to your health needs. For example, the T-Back recliner sofa has a three cushioned pillowed back to provide great spinal support. Whilst the Royal Riser allows you to personalise the three bolster cushions to let you rest in style.

Removable side arms

Being able to find a sofa that is practical for you is important. Therefore, some of our sofas have the option to remove the side arms to ensure that any side transfers are done with comfortability and ease. This is really beneficial if you frequently need to get up to enter into a wheelchair. With the minimum movements, with the removable side arms, you can easily slide off the sofa into your new seating position.

Each recliner will provide you with different levels of comfort. Depending on your needs, there are different styles of sofas that provide you with different types of support. If you are curious about the type of sofas we do, you can request our latest brochure. Alternatively, we are happy to help with any inquiries you may have on 0115 913 3572.