Benefits of Adjustable Beds

How will an Adjustable Bed Benefit You?

When sleeping, we unconsciously put our body through stress caused by less than ideal sleeping positions. For many of us, particularly those suffering from injury or lack of mobility, we wake up feeling stiff or sore. The natural curvature of the body, when not properly supported, will find it difficult to adjust to the flat surface many conventional beds provide.

Investing in an adjustable bed is not a decision to be taken lightly, but one that is necessary for many people throughout the UK. We have been providing adjustable beds for over two decades, and as such have a vast depth of knowledge to draw from. If you are on the brink of making this decision, please consider the points listed below.

Pressure Points

We have pressure points all over our bodies, and if unknowingly pressed can cause serious damage to an individual. In addition to this on the less serious end of the spectrum, these points can become tender or sore when pressure is applied. When sleeping, we often unknowingly shift too much weight onto certain pressure points, therefore causing our sleep to be stressful or even painful. An adjustable bed minimises these points with specially supported mattresses, and can be adjusted to the individual user. If you experience aches and pains, or have a medical condition that requires extra support whilst sleeping, an adjustable bed is highly recommended.

Back Pain

A flat bed does not provide the proper support for the spinal cord, resulting in excess back pain and restless sleep. By inclining an adjustable bed to around 45 degrees, it provides relief for the lower back. Even better still, raising the lower section of the bed, therefore raising the legs and bending the knees provides an additional level of pressure release to the spine.

Blood Circulation

If you are prone to circulation problems, perhaps suffering from a pre existing medical condition, these beds can be very beneficial. It’s been proven that raising the knees above the body level increases the blood circulation around the body. This can be easily achieved by adjusting the the lower part of the bed upwards.


Elevating the upper body can ease the symptoms of Asthma. Standard beds restrict the body’s airflow and can make it difficult for air to travel. Raising the top section of the adaptable bed improves airflow throughout the body, therefore making it easier to breathe.

Other Health Benefits

These bad sleeping habits can not only cause stress, but can cause various health issues like joint pain, headaches and neck pain. To counter these, adjustable beds are highly recommended. They are designed to adjust to whatever position you sleep in. They provide excellent therapeutic effects on the body and corrects the irregular sleeping positions you previously had – so you can sleep like a baby at night.

Lifestyle Benefits

Health benefits aside, these beds are nowadays associated with luxury. And it’s no surprise as they offer much more than a standard bed.

-Read, eat, and watch television in style. Stacking pillows behind your back is a short-term fix when you want to read or watch television in bed, as they constantly have to be readjusted for comfort. An adjustable bed allows you to sit upright and offers more back support and comfort than pillows.

-Your sleeping partner will approve; they can reduce or eliminate snoring. Slightly raising the head of the bed can reduce snoring by supporting your spine and respiratory system.

-Some of our beds include an infrared massage unit to help relieve back pains, or simply just to loosen up. The massage units were specially designed for the relief of pain caused by prolonged sitting in the office, extended standing at work or through long car journeys. The vibrations felt over the entire mattress are exceptionally good for the circulation of the body, as well as relieving muscle cramps. The massage unit is controlled through an infrared remote control.

Adjustable Beds from Rise & Recline

We at Rise & Recline offer a wide range of beds. All of our adjustable beds are designed to give adjustable support for the head as well as the neck and shoulders, as well as the lower back and leg regions. Our beds comfort the body’s shape and position without applying any pressure. Our beds are well known for being able to assist people with their sleeping problems – from insomnia to other stress related sleeping problems.

If you are considering investing in one of our beds and would like specialist advice before making your decision, contact us today, we are more than happy to help and all of our beds are made in the United Kingdom so you know they are of the finest quality.