Why it’s best to choose riser recliner chairs manufactured in the UK

As a company, we manufacture our products from start to finish right here in the UK, and are strong believers that UK manufactured products provide better quality and durability – giving our customers that extra peace of mind.

Whilst buying imported riser recliner chairs can seem a viable option, it can sometimes lead to problems.  Is the quality really up to standard? Is the style and design fitted to meet your exact specification? We guarantee all of this at Rise & Recline Ltd and that’s what sets us apart.

Here are some other factors you may want to consider before choosing to buy a riser recliner chair that is manufactured outside of the UK.

Speed of delivery

When buying imported products you may have to wait several weeks for your riser recliner chair to be delivered. At Rise & Recline Ltd we focus on fast delivery every time, with your product being made from start to finish here in the UK and delivered within 10 working days. This is a speedy process and we focus on quality every step of the way – providing extra piece of mind for all of our customers which is our main priority.


The comfort of your chair may be great at first but if the manufacturing process and materials are not up to standard, the lifespan of your product could be significantly less. Returning your riser recliner chair for repairs can also be difficult, often leaving you without a product for a long period of time. At Rise & Recline Ltd we only use the highest quality materials in order to give you maximum comfort and a product that will stand the test of time.

Customer service

On the rare occasion there may be a problem with one of our products, Rise & Recline Ltd will act fast to resolve the issue for you. Being located in the UK means we can quickly collect, fix or replace your product with minimum disruption, and with a 5-year warranty you can be sure to receive the best treatment possible. This isn’t always possible when buying riser recliner chairs from overseas.

At Rise & Recline Ltd we want what is best for our customers. We ensure our riser recliner chairs are made to fit your exact requirements. Request a brochure and find the perfect product for you.