Christmas Presents for Elderly Parents

Buying Christmas presents is a task as it is, but it’s even more of a struggle to decide what to buy for your parents. We all want to get our parents something special, something they’ll greatly appreciate, but it’s often harder than it seems. To give you a helping hand, we’ve put together a couple of ideal presents to give you some ideas.

Making Life Easier

Many people of the elderly generation love reading. It’s something they can do to pass time and do in the comfort of their own time. But as they get older, it gets much harder for them to read standard sized fonts and hold large books. For this reason, e-book’s can be very useful presents as they are lightweight and you can personalise the font size to their preference. There are many different kinds of e-books, one of the most popular being the Kindle.

Custom Walking Sticks
If your parents own a walking stick, why not turn a necessity into something more appealing. There are many online and local stores that sell decorated walking sticks, with all kinds of designs available. You could even get creative and try decorating one yourself with acrylic paints.

Driving Lessons
The elderly generation often lose their confidence in driving, the older they get. If your parents are worried about being out on the road, buying some driving booster lessons with a driving instructor could be the answer. The driving instructor could also give their expert view on when it’s time for your parents to stop driving.


Photo Album
Why not make a photo album or a scrapbook for your parents this Christmas? Photo albums are a brilliant way of keeping memories alive. There are many companies that can create hard copy photo albums from all of your mobile phone images, camera images etc. If your parents have unfortunately been diagnosed with dementia, jogging their memories with photos from earlier years is also proving to be a very popular method of care.