day chair

The benefits of day chairs

Buying new pieces of furniture can seem difficult, especially when you are unaware of what your desired requirements are for the perfect chair. As comfort is at the top of the priority list for the majority of us, discovering what actually defines comfort can differ from person to person.  As there are many benefits that come from day chairs, knowing how it can benefit you is the next question.

As there is so much to cover, in this article we will break down the fundamental features that a day chair can provide to enhance relaxation and comfort. But before we begin, here are the areas of the body where it is essential a day chair provides support:

  • Posture
  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Back
  • Hips

Long back chair

Long back day chairs are essential for those who are looking for a chair that provides them with support for the whole back, neck and head. Perfect for promoting better posture, long back chairs ensures you maintain the upright sitting position as you relax in comfort.

Tailored to you

If you are planning to sit down for prolonged periods of time, practical comfort should be top priority. Luckily, low back chairs have a flexible specification where you can alter the dynamics of the chair to better suit your requirements.

Massaging motor

Just like our rise and recline chairs, our day chairs have the optional feature of the 6/10 motor massage system. This is perfect for those who experience shoulder, neck and/or back pain on a day to day basis. Incorporating this element in your chair means that at the touch of a button, you can ease off the pressure on the tense areas of your body.

Style and elegance

Along with the benefits mentioned above, both the Marianne and Barrowford can enhance a room with its luxury and elegance. Both unique in style, each chair has additional options that you can add to tailor the comfort to meet your wants and needs. With the option of fabric protection, you can rest knowing your chair can last that bit longer from any stains or accidental spills.

Ergonomic benefits

As lower back pain is extremely frequent across the elderly community, there is the enhanced need of a chair that provides a high level of support.

Through contemporary and modern design, both of the types of day chairs mentioned above will not compromise your body with uncomfortable seating positions. With the incorporation of the right chair cushioning, it ensures that the chair provides the lower back with a slight arch to keep the back straight and upright – lessening the chances of slouching and pressure build-up on the spine. The materials used are soft but firm enough to ensure there is enough support for the hips and spine.

For those who are looking for something that will not worsen body pain whilst sitting, a day chair is perfect. As they come with sturdy “arms” you can distribute your weight as you lower down into a bliss of comfort. With the options of pressure seating and head pillows, take a look at the range of day chairs we have and request a brochure today.