Dual Motor or Single Motor: Which Riser Recliner Mechanism is Best for You?

Rise and Recline Ltd. manufacture a range of adjustable chairs, sofas and beds, right here in the UK. All riser recliner chairs are hand manufactured to each user’s specification, with a wealth of options to choose from, including the type of riser recliner mechanism. So which is right for you? A dual motor riser recliner chair, or a single motor?

Both single and dual motor rise and recline chairs support the user slowly and carefully from a sitting to a standing position and back to a sitting position again. But each works in a slightly different way, offering a number of discrete advantages to different users.

Here are some of the key differences between the two to help you decide.

Single Motor Riser Recliner Chair

In a single motor rise and recline chair, the leg rest and backrest adjust in unison, operated by the same motor, through the handset. As the backrest reclines, the footrest elevates. This reduces pressure on the hips and allows the user to gain a comfortable seating or reclined position without sliding down the seat.

By maintaining the angle of the back, a single motor riser recliner chair also reduces friction and shear in the hip joints; body weight is evenly spread, eliminating the build-up of pressure. This makes a single motor riser recliner chair the preferred choice for users with reduced mobility, back or joint problems.

Dual Motor Riser Recliner Chair

A dual motor rise and recline chair operates in the same way as a single motor in that it carefully and safely raises the user from a sitting to standing position. However, the dual motor rise and recline mechanism offers additional versatility. In a dual motor riser recliner chair, the user has the option of raising the leg rest or reclining the backrest independently.

A dual motor riser recliner chair is the preferred option for users with greater mobility levels or who struggle to find a comfortable sitting position easily.

Each mechanism offers key advantages depending on the user type. To discover more about the differences between a dual motor or single motor riser recliner chair, talk to your nearest Rise and Recline Ltd. stockist today.

To take a closer look at the two mechanisms to decide which one may be for you,  you can watch our mechanism videos which give you a bit more of an insight into the two options amongst others.