Elderly couple sitting in a chair

How to fix bad posture

Ignoring bad posture can create many long term problems which can lead to daily aches and pains, poor lifting form and muscular imbalances. This blog post will show you exactly how to fix the most common postural problems so that you can fix your bad posture. 

Some of the most common posture mistakes include:

  • Slouching in a chair
  • Sticking your bottom out 
  • Standing with a flat back
  • Hunching the back
  • Leaning on one leg
  • Poking your chin
  • Rounded shoulders

Maintaining good posture for seniors and elderly is often more difficult due to the long periods of time they are sat down.

What is posture?

Posture is defined as how someone holds their back when standing or sitting. According to ACA, good posture is the correct alignment of body parts supported by the right amount of muscle tension against gravity. Without it, we would simply fall to the ground.

Having good posture is important as it helps the way we walk, sit, stand and lie in positions that provide us the least strain in supporting our muscles. 

What causes bad posture?

There are many factors which can get in the way of having good posture. More commonly within older people, bad posture is the result of slouching in a chair, hunching the back and standing with a flat back.

Maintaining good posture for seniors and the elderly is vital when not only exercising but going about their day to day routine. 

How can I improve my posture?

Correcting your posture may feel awkward at first as your body has been used to sitting in a particular way. However, practising a few new exercises will soon become second nature and will help you sit or stand in a better position.

Poor posture that is not corrected by exercises during the day can lead to many areas. Some gentle exercises which can be used to improve your posture include:

Arm ups 

These can be used to increase your flexibility and breathing. This will increase your ability to bring your shoulders back into proper position. 

Spine extensions

Spine extensions can be used to correct faulty posture by bringing your spine into neutral with your shoulders and chin back. This will help assist the flexibility in the chest, improving respiration and lung functioning.

Shoulder circles

Shoulder circles can help bring your spine into better posture. This is a great exercise to help set your spine and shoulders during the day. These can also be done easily whilst sat in a rise and recline chair.   

In addition to performing these exercises regularly, you can also improve your posture even more by exercising regularly, participating in activities such as yoga and Tai Chi and sleeping in the correct position. 

How Riser Recliners and Adjustable Beds may help

Our mobility riser recliner chairs are specially built to reduce the pressure applied to your joints, neck, and back making it an excellent choice to help improve your posture. We also have a range of adjustable beds that offer you support whilst you’re asleep to help maintain a good posture in bed. If you are interested in any of these products, why not request a brochure so you can begin to improve your posture today.