Which Hospital Bed is Right for You?

When purchasing or renting a hospital bed you’re faced with a massive range of choices. But with this huge array of different types and features that these beds include, it’s often a tough decision to decide which one is right for you. For this reason, we at Rise & Recline have put together this short article to help you to choose the hospital bed that suits you best.


How Hospital Beds Vary

Hospital beds can vary in many ways – from different mattresses and frames, to accessories and how the beds function. Hospital bed frames are either electric, semi-electric or manual. Each type has their own uses and are suited to different people. For obviously reasons, the more manual controls the bed has the cheaper it will be.

Electric Hospital Beds – Electric beds give patients the ability to easily adjust the bed to suit their exact needs. These kinds of beds are perfect for those who have mobility issues.

Semi-Electric Hospital Beds – Semi-electric beds often allow the patients to electrically control the head and foot positioning, but the height of the bed has to be adjusted manually.

Manual Hospital Beds – Manual beds have no electric controls whatsoever. They can be adjusted, but only by manually altering it yourself.


Advice From Carers

To begin with, it’s essential to follow the recommendations of those who care for a living. Try asking nurses, doctors and occupational therapists for their advice – they will give a guidance on what kind of features to look out for depending on the patient’s needs and requirements.


Choosing the Right Hospital Bed


When selecting a medical bed, ensure that you take accurate measurements of doorways and stairways in the patient’s home. Once you have taken those measurements, do the same for the bed of choice – the last thing you want is to not be able to get the brand new bed into the patient’s home. Make sure that there is a clear path in which you can bring the bed into the home.


When looking to buy a hospital bed, it’s important to bear in mind where the bed will be positioned when it’s at the patient’s home. The best plan is to place the bed on the floor that the patient will be in for the most of the day – ie. the living room and kitchen floor. By having the bed positioned this way it saves going up and down stairs.

If the hospital bed of choice is semi-electric or electric, make sure there is an electrical plug socket nearby the desired positioning. It’s also important to position the bed so that you can have access to both sides, as this allows carers to have full access to the patient.


Hospital Beds at Rise & Recline

Rise & Recline are proud suppliers of adjustable medical beds for the NHS and the healthcare sector. We have a strong commitment to quality when it comes to our products, offering a whole range of options to make the bed perfect for you or your patient.
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