An elderly woman in a wheel chair being helped up by a carer

How adjustable furniture benefits those in care homes

As we age, our mobility begins to deteriorate and can cause discomfort when sitting and laying down on regular chairs and beds. In care homes, it is vital there is tailor-made furniture that suits the different needs of patients. If not then they are led to be sitting in a painful chair for prolonged periods – which will take a toll on their health.

Below are the two most prominent adjustable pieces of furniture that can provide enjoyable comfort to those in care homes.

Riser recliner chairs

Riser recliner chairs provide patients with a wide choice of sitting variations. If they have intense back pains, they can find a comfortable position that is just right to relieve you from the aches and pains.

Regular armchairs can be fixed in an unsupported position and can cause further implications for patients. Being slouched in a bad chair all day can drastically impact a patient’s health, especially if they already have the lack of full mobility. A rise and recline chair will not give unnecessary pressure on fragile areas and skin. It will also take the pressure off care workers who need to move the patient’s position throughout the day.

When someone’s independence and ability are restricted, they need a chair that will help guide them into a comfortable, supportive seating position. Made to measure chairs have the appropriate functionality and features to enable posture to be adjusted throughout the day.  This can improve the quality of life for both the carer and patient.

Adjustable beds and carer beds

For those who are bed-bound, both the care worker and patient will need assistance to ensure there is enough support when being sat up. With an adjustable bed, patients are being helped with their needs and are moved at a chosen pace. The carer bed will have safety features that a care worker may not be able to match when moving and handling the elderly. These functions are easily adjusted to improve the positioning and provide additional support for the care provider.

Carer beds provide assistance to patients who have additional health complications. As edema and arthritis are two of the most common illnesses affecting the elderly, these beds are able to be adjusted to ease the pain. As the bed has settings that allow certain areas of the bed raised up, stress and pressure can be taken off painful areas and joints of the body.

For further information, The Care Directory – – provides a wealth of material relating to care and care provision in older age.  It is intended to help people be fully informed about all aspects of care and also contains a nationwide listing of care providers.

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