The Regal riser recliner chair

Chairs to help relieve back pain

It is common for regular aches and pains to become a part of our everyday lives as we age.

Being one of the main reasons people go to see their doctors, we want to make sure that this stress is being minimised on painful areas. Here at Rise & Recline we believe that having the right type of chair to sit on can help reduce symptoms, that’s why we’ve made it our priority to create a recliner chair that has many health benefits.

What is an electric riser recliner chair?

Created with those who need extra support sitting or getting up from their seat, a riser recliner chair will work with the individual to gradually place them in a comfortable sitting and standing position. Built with an electrical motor, it will work to lower the individual gently to their chosen seating position whilst elevating their feet if needed.

How they benefit backs

If you suffer from back pain you know how difficult it is to find comfortable furniture. Investing in a recliner that has a firm lower back support is ideal if you are someone who suffers from pinched nerves in your back as it will help reduce the pain.

The way you sit throughout the day can have a huge effect on your back and if you are suffering from back pain this pain will become more prevalent depending on how you sit and what you sit on each day. Making sure you have the correct support and elevated legs can help to ease off the stress on your temporary or chronic back pain.

Rise and recline chairs like ours are made with comfort in mind. From the padding to the shape, all of our chairs are made to measure so that your health concerns are tended to with our chairs. Our T-Back chairs, for example, are specially made for spinal support to ensure you are getting the most while sitting.

What other health benefits come from a recliner chair?

Although back pain is the main reason why people invest in better-suited chairs, there are many other health benefits that come from them:

  • Helps sprains and strains sufferers feel at ease when seated
  • Enables legs to be elevated to release the pressure and tension
  • Help pregnant women relax their bodies
  • Helps improve posture

If you would like to know a bit more about the benefits of our Rise & Recline chairs, view our article on riser recliner chair health benefits to learn more.

What are the main features of a riser recliner chair?

As getting out of your chair can cause the most strain on your back all of our chairs will raise you to an almost standing position. Taking the pressure and weight off from your spine, with a touch of a button and wall hugging technology you are able to get onto your feet at the pace that is most comfortable to you.