How to adapt a home for the elderly

As we age we begin to lose mobility and balance, its common to experience difficulty in manoeuvring about our homes. Even simple tasks like sitting down and standing up become a struggle.

As an increasing number of elderly people electing to stay at home instead of moving into a retirement home, mobility becomes of greater importance. Likewise, community developments are increasing in popularity. In both cases the need for independence and freedom of mobility is paramount. Without 24 hour care, your loved one needs to be in a safe and accessible environment.

Therefore, make adaptations to their home so they can live comfortably is incredibly important for their wellbeing. In this article, we are covering the ways in which you can adapt a home for the elderly.

Get rid of any trip hazards

Having excess clutter around your home can become a risk. Any loose rugs and exposed wires and cables in walkways can become a trip hazard. You should tuck away any wires or pin them against the walls to avoid fatal injuries. All rugs should either be taped down out of the way of the frequent pathways or removed completely.

The main purpose of doing these steps is to avoid trips and falls. A significant fall can cause large amounts of damage to fragile bones and skin. By rearranging your furniture you’ll create enough space for clear pathways.

Adapt your bathroom

To make your home more comfortable we suggest you install grab handle railings throughout the bathroom. Placing them next to the toilet and bathtubs can make a huge difference for manoeuvring. If you can, it may be worth investing in a walk in tub or a tub seat to prevent the strain of entering and exiting the bath. For wheelchair users, you may need to adapt the height of bathroom sinks and cabinets so that they are easy to use.

Riser recliner chairs

A Rise & Recline chair is perfect in providing relief on the body’s aches and pains. For those who are suffering from frequent back pains and aching joints, a riser and recliner chair eases you into your preferred seating position without putting stress on your pressure points.

If you or your loved ones are finding it difficult when getting in or out of the chair, we recommend you look into the benefits that come from riser and recliner chairs. They are extremely good at lowering you down into a seating position that is excellent for your posture. Allowing the elderly to maintain their independence, the chairs also gently rise up into a standing position so the individual can get up on their feet easily.

Recliner sofa

Recliner sofas are perfect for families who need extra support and relaxation. Each sofa type is innovatively designed to meet specific requirements. Take our Lateral sofa, for example, this bespoke piece of furniture has fibre filled pillows incorporated inside the back pillows to ensure your seating experience is a pleasant one.

Just like the recliner chairs, there are additional mechanisms you can add to your sofa that enhance the seating experience.

Electric Adjustable Bed

Regardless of age, a night of good night sleep is vital for well being. As we age, rest becomes increasingly important for maintaining health.

Sleeping in a bed that isn’t adapted to the needs of the user can cause health complications and pains. Luckily, electric adjustable beds are designed to meet natural body position for maximum comfort. Distributing weight evenly, extra spinal and bodily support is provided, ensuring a good night’s sleep.

If you are interested in the furniture mentioned above, why not take a look at our latest brochure. Alternatively, please feel free to ask us your enquiries as we would love to help.