How to choose the right Rise & Recline chair for you

At Rise & Recline we manufacture gorgeous handcrafted chairs to suit the individual needs of each valued customer. A Rise and Recline chair is an investment in your health and well being and we treat it as such. Going the extra mile to make sure your needs are met both in comfort and style is something we take great pride in.

With such a wide variety of riser recliner chairs to choose from and so many ways to make them yours, it can be difficult to know where to start. So read on for a quick guide to the best places to start when choosing your Rise & Recline chair.

Contemporary and Modern

If modern and contemporary is your style, look no further than the The Noble. With its sleek and elegant profile, this understated chair fits seamlessly into any household. The Noble isn’t a one trick pony, however, with the same great variety of customizability options that come with all Rise & Recline chairs you can make The Noble as individual as your needs.

Extra Support

Our customers often struggle with chairs not designed to suit their particular needs or offer them the specific support they require. Our tailored and handcrafted chairs enable you to maintain a health and beneficial posture whilst experiencing greater comfort. If you are looking for a chair that is specialised to offer greater support however, The T-Back provides optimal pressure relief with its central gap. Another supportive design that is easily adaptable to individual requirements is The Lateral. The fibre filled pillow removable and adjustable backs are guaranteed to give you the support and comfort you need.

Simple but Elegant

The simplistic elegance and traditional stylings of The Hampton provides a familiar, but modern silhouette most are familiar with. If you’re looking for a classic chair that ticks all the boxes The Hampton is the way to go.

Pure Comfort

Rise & Recline chairs provide guaranteed comfort, tailored to your requirements. The Royal, however, features our three bolstered cushions and large supportive wings, so your whole body can benefit from the luxurious comfort and support it offers, relieving strained joints and muscles. For a more sleek and modern design that still offers the same great comfort and support, The Kensington may be the option for you. Both chairs have a huge range of additional accessories and customisation options available, like our 6/10 motor massage.

If you’re looking to buy a riser recliner chair, take a look at our latest blog to find where to buy a riser recliner chair with a trusted Rise & Recline stockist. Or request a brochure online.