How to keep warm during winter nights

For you to be able to achieve a great night sleep and stay warm during the winter period, it is essential that you make a few adjustments to your daily routine. This is extremely important as you get older because your body is less likely to react to the cold conditions efficiently. Therefore, we want to provide you with 4 ways to help you stay warm during the cold evenings and nights.

Heat your rooms during the day

As the elderly are more prone to illnesses when the temperature drops, it is recommended that your home should be at least 18 degrees. To maintain this temperature, heat up your rooms during the day so that your home is prepared for when the temperature decreases at night. For example, you could heat up your bedroom a couple hours before you plan to go to sleep. This will prevent you from spending time in the cold as you wait for the room to heat up.

Be sure to keep the doors and windows closed in the rooms you are trying to keep warm. This way you are stopping the cold air from entering your home. You can also close your curtains in the evenings to avoid any draughts. With that said, for the rooms are not frequently in use, you can choose to turn down the radiators if you want to save on energy.

Prepare yourself

It is best to focus on keeping the parts of your body that are the furthest away from your heart warm. These extremities include fingers, toes and ankles.

Wrapping up in multiple thick layers at night may seem like a good idea, however, it tends to become uncomfortable when you get too hot. Swap your cotton PJ’s for flannel ones and wear sleep socks to keep your feet warm. Try to wear thermals under your pyjamas and wear a comfortable hat overnight to protect yourself from painful chills.

Prepare your bed

Being in cold conditions for prolonged periods of time can decrease your body’s ability to react to infections and viruses.

When you go to bed, prepare yourselves for different levels of temperature. For example, if you have bed throws and blankets as an additional bed sheet, you can gradually take one off as the night progresses if you become too hot. With the multiple layers of “insulation”, you are providing yourself with the right level of warmth.

Stay warm whilst you stay up at night

For those evenings where you want to snuggle up and catch up on your favourite programmes, a heat system recliner chair will provide you with warmth.

Luckily, Riser Recliner chairs have additional features which allow you to have control over your seating experience.  With the options of seat and back heat pads, you can warm up your body as you sit in comfort. If you have a blanket at hand, you can keep your full body warm if you begin to feel the cold breeze in the evenings. Like mentioned earlier, be sure to have something warm on your feet.

If you are interested in incorporating heat system features in your seating furniture, take a look at our Riser Recliner chair product range and request a brochure today.