How to keep your chair in top condition

When investing in luxury comfort, most of our clients request advice on how they can maintain the same high-level condition chair as they did when they first bought it. As we aim at helping people’s lives, we want to ensure we’re helping customers live in comfort, whilst providing a chair that can last them a lifetime.

As you know, investing in your health takes time and effort. The love and care that goes into crafting our high-quality chairs and sofas still need to be looked after once they’re in your hands. As we started the Riser Recliner chair to help comfort those with particular health needs, creating a small routine to extend the longevity can help aid comfort in the long run.

Leather Chairs

As you know, our leather Rise and Recline chairs make a beautiful addition to your living room and bedroom. Blending in lovely to your home decor, regular dusting and wiping will give any leather chair a quick “pick-me-up” when needed. However, we must stress that some chemicals do not work well with leather, so be sure to check out our chair care guide or contact us to double check.

When it comes to regular cleaning and dusting, distilled water and a microfiber cloth is perfect. As leather can easily mark, you want to use a soft cloth and avoid cleaning materials that can scratch it. prevent any water soaking into the material is key to avoiding any stains. A light vacuum in the small crevices of the chair or sofa will remove any crumbs or dirt left behind.

Fabric Chairs

Just like our leather chairs and sofas, our fabric collection will complement your home whilst providing maximum comfort. Requiring a different but effective technique, in order to get the job done properly, you have to strip your cushions off.

Using a low setting on your vacuum to avoid too much suction, carefully give your chair a light vacuum over the surface. again, dirt and debris tend to creep their way into the small crevices of the chair. By attaching a soft brush you will avoid adding strain to your fabric and further avoid any damages. You may be surprised by the number of hidden gems you’ll find.

Additional aftercare tips

Keeping your chair or sofa well out of the way of direct sunlight will help aid in taking good care of leather and fabric. It is important that you treat leather as you would your skin, you do not want it to be exposed to too much sunlight. Fabrics tend to fade with too much sun exposure also. The same goes for indoor heat and AC. keep leather away from fireplaces as this can cause long-term damage to leather.

Caring for your furniture is simple and benefits you in the long run. As our chairs and sofas do not need much maintenance when cared for, take a look at our bespoke range of Riser Recliner Chairs.