How to Make Your Bed More Comfortable for Bed Rest

Being assigned to bed rest, whatever the reason may be, can be rather challenging to say the least. During the time of bed rest, comfort becomes a main priority – it’s not only crucial to the recovery process, but it makes time pass much quicker. Thankfully, there are a few simple ways you can make your bed more comfortable.


Electric Blankets

If you happen to experience muscle aches during the time of your bed rest, electric blankets can help alleviate the pains and aches. It has been proven that electric blankets are especially effective in helping those suffering from arthritis, as the heat allows for an increase in blood flow to the muscles and skin around the painful joints. This enhances your muscle relaxation and therefore makes you a lot more comfortable in bed.



Your bedding (bed linen, sheets etc) should be a breathable material that keeps you at a cool temperature and allows for air to circulate in order to be fully comfortable whilst on bed rest. The ideal choices of textiles for your bedding is materials such as silk, organic cotton or lambswool – these materials also have the advantage of absorbing moisture, such as sweat.


Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds have a huge number of conveniences to everyone, but for those on bed rest, they’re a major benefit. Having an adjustable bed allows you to increase your independence by a great deal as you have the ability to lay down and sit up without any support from others. This makes being on bed rest a lot easier, and more importantly, a lot safer to get in / out of bed as well as change positions. As movement is exceptionally easier, adjustable beds also improve blood circulation which helps prevent blood clots and bedsores.