Rise and Recline Adjustable Bed

Is an Adjustable Bed Right for Me?

An adjustable bed can be a huge help to those who struggle to sleep. As well as the comfort benefits they can also offer a welcome relief to the symptoms of certain orthopaedic conditions, and aside from anything else an adjustable bed will offer an extra dimension of comfort and luxury to your bedroom. Here are just a few of the reasons to consider an adjustable bed for your home.

Adjustable Beds Offer Greater Comfort

Adjustable beds are often associated with infirmity or decreased mobility but they are becoming more and more popular with more able-bodied users. The reason is simply this – they are incredibly comfortable! If you’re somebody who struggles to get comfortable at night or find it difficult to get into a position in which you can easily get to sleep an adjustable bed could be a great help as it allows you to raise your head or your legs to a position that’s right for you.

Many adjustable beds are also available with a dual option that allows couples to sleep together but still maintain independent movement of their side of the bed.

Adjustable Beds Offer Added Luxury

An adjustable bed can also offer an added element of luxury to your bedroom. Added features like massage can really help you to relax, which is what your bed is meant for after all!

Adjustable Beds Offer Greater Convenience

If you like to read a book or magazine before you go to sleep then you’ll be more than familiar with the inconvenience of propping up a small mound of pillows only to have them slip onto the floor less than two pages into your book, leaving the headboard digging into your shoulder blades. With an adjustable bed that’s no longer a problem as you can easily raise your head to a comfortable position for reading.

Adjustable Beds Can Offer Symptom Relief

The ability to reposition yourself can be a huge help with easing the symptoms of a number of medical and orthopaedic conditions. For example:

  • Back Pain
  • Poor Circulation
  • Breathing Difficulties
  • Swelling
  • Acid Reflux

Important – If you are experiencing any of the symptoms above you MUST consult your GP in order to receive the appropriate treatment for your condition.

Adjustable Beds Offer Increased Mobility

If you struggle to get in and out of bed then an adjustable bed can be a real help in regaining independence. By comfortably raising you to a sitting position at the touch of a  button an adjustable bed will then allow you to simply slide out. Likewise, with the adjustable bed in the upright position, getting in is as easy as sitting on the bed, sliding your legs in and lowering the head to a comfortable sleeping position.

An Adjustable Bed Can Help With Snoring

If you’re a snorer – and if you are somebody will certainly have told you – then an adjustable bed can help. Snoring is caused by the relaxation of the airways and by raising your head just a little you can keep the airways open as you sleep, making you less likely to snore.

The benefits of an adjustable bed are many and varied. If you’re interested then you should talk to your local Rise & Recline Ltd. stockist to find out more about the right adjustable bed for you.