Leather or Fabric – Which material is best for you?

When deciding on which Rise and Recline Ltd. product is best for you, it is best to take into consideration which material is going to benefit you the most. You want the material that’s going to make your comfy chair or comfy sofa the greatest it can possibly be. So, what material really will benefit you more, here’s a few factors to take into consideration before you buy?


When picking between leather or fabric, it is best to know which material is going to give you the most comfort, at Rise and Recline Ltd. we guarantee comfort from both materials, but which is more suitable for you? If you prefer a sinking, cosy feeling for a recliner sofa or chair then a fabric material would be better suited to you, however, if you like the idea of a firm, supportive material then leather is the one for you.


At Rise and Recline Ltd. we guarantee the best quality product, but what product is more durable to natural wear and tear? If your household has a pet, it would be advisable to take into consideration that leather furniture is more susceptible to scratches than fabric, so fabric may be the better option. With the correct cleaning equipment, spills can come out of a fabric product, but on occasion there may be a mark that is very difficult to get rid of. Leather is much easier to clean than fabric and is a more robust material meaning it is likely to last longer. We’d say for your rise and recliner chair or recliner sofa, both materials would be applicable, but it depends on what’s right for your household.


Our fabulous, comfortable chairs and sofas are elegant and exquisite, but leather and fabric do differ in style. When deciding on your riser recliner chair or comfortable sofa, you’ll want to know what style suits you most.  A leather product has a touch of elegance and sophistication whilst also providing a classic appearance, whereas a fabric product is more adaptable to your existing decor and is more applicable if you have a specific colour scheme within your house.

Safety? Yes, safety is good to take into consideration when choosing the material for your Rise and Recline Ltd riser recliner chair or sofa, and we feel it is an important feature. With a lot of our customers being elderly people or people with impairments, we feel their health is a key factor and safety considerations are taken throughout all of our products. Fabric tends to absorb more allergens, making leather a better option, however, if you want to have greater confidence of staying in your chair, fabric would be a better choice.

Fabric or leather?

Now you know the pros and cons of both fabric and leather, take your pick as to which would be better for your Rise and Recline Ltd chair or sofa and which would give you greater comfort in your home.

Here at Rise & Recline Ltd we stock hundreds of options in both fabric and leather. To find out more about our range of styles please request a brochure or contact us.