How to maintain a riser recliner chair

To maintain maximum comfort, it’s important to maintain the chair itself. Keeping on top of routine maintenance to keep your riser recliner chair in tip-top shape can extend its longevity and provide increased comfort for longer.

There are a variety of methods and products available which you can use in order to have the best quality riser recliner chair for the longest time possible. Here are just a few tips.

To maintain the quality of leather for your riser recliner chair, a great idea is to clean your leather. Cleaning your leather can go a long way to prolonging the life of your riser recliner chair, we advise that you use steam cleaners on your leather as water can often stain and ruin your material. There are various oils and waxes which you can use in order to keep the product fresh and clean whilst also ensuring there’ll be no cracks on your product.

If you’ve just purchased your riser recliner chair or are thinking of doing so in the near future, prevention is key. Ensuring you prevent any possible damages to your riser recliner chair is key to its condition. A way to prevent the colour of your chair fading is too keep it out of direct sunlight, if there is constant sunlight on it, a good way to counteract this is to buy covers.

Our chairs offer vital support and help your movability, whilst also gaining maximum independence, but it is vital you keep your chair in top condition. Whilst our products are British manufactured and are the best quality, general wear and tear will naturally occur, this is why everyday maintenance is important.

A lot of work goes into the creation of our products and we build our riser recliner chairs to meet each person’s individual needs, this is why it is essential to look after your product. Your riser recliner chair should be cleaned as often as other products in your house.

Are you thinking of buying a riser recliner chair? We build bespoke, custom made riser recliner chairs to meet each person’s individual specification and the customers desires are our main priority.