Couple having breakfast in an adjustable bed

Best mattress: Memory Foam or Pocket Sprung?

We all know how important it is to get a good night’s sleep – and we all know how it feels the morning after a restless night – but sometimes that’s easier said than done. An adjustable bed can help people with a number of orthopaedic ailments to get a good night’s sleep by encouraging blood flow and relieving pressure from afflicted areas of the body, but without the right mattress it could all be for nothing.

There are a range of different mattresses available for your adjustable bed, each with their own unique benefits. By choosing the right mattress for your adjustable bed you’ll stand a much better chance of alleviating the conditions that might be keeping you awake at night and getting a better night’s sleep as a result.


Pocket Sprung

Unlike the traditional sprung mattresses a pocket sprung mattress has multiple springs each housed in their own individual pocket. These pockets will then coil and recoil independently of one another, thereby offering full support by adjusting to the contours of the body.

Although a pocket sprung mattress doesn’t wrap the body contours in the same way as a memory foam mattress it does offer the added benefit that it’s breathable.


Memory Foam

A memory foam mattress offers a similar benefit to the pocket sprung but where the pocket sprung mattress relies on the individual movements of the pockets, a memory foam mattress will completely mould itself to the contours of your body. This makes it useful in assisting to relieve pressure from joints and can support your adjustable bed in helping alleviate many symptoms of orthopaedic or spinal conditions. Pressure Seating

A memory foam mattress with a 2-way stretch cover will also stay warm throughout the night, which makes it great for the winter months

A Coolmax cover can be used, at no extra cost, for those that find the mattress too warm. It has been designed to remove heat away from the body during sleep.

In all there are many benefits to both types of mattress and ultimately the choice will come down to your own personal preference. Where possible you should try out your mattress before placing your order, and don’t be afraid to ask to spend ten minutes or so on the mattress as that will be the best way to get a feel for how that mattress will work for you.

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