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Where to buy riser recliner chairs

This guide will provide you with information on where you can purchase a Rise & Recline chair and include some helpful tips on what you can expect when you visit one of our stockists. Whether you’re buying in store, or looking to have a free home trial, it may be beneficial to pick up a […]

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Health benefits of a riser recliner chair

More often than not, people are increasingly seeing problems with standing up and sitting down, whether due to our changing lifestyles, short-term and long-term medical conditions, such as arthritis, back pain, and temporary injuries. Many tools have been created to assist with the daily living needs of those who need assistance in dealing with these […]

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Top 3 reasons to invest in a riser recliner chair

Riser recliner chairs are a great way of providing support for people who struggle with moving around freely. They allow people easy access to getting around the house without the need for a carer. We want to share the importance of investing in a riser recliner chair for either you or a loved one. Support […]

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How to maintain a riser recliner chair

To maintain maximum comfort, it’s important to maintain the chair itself. Keeping on top of routine maintenance to keep your riser recliner chair in tip-top shape can extend its longevity and provide increased comfort for longer. There are a variety of methods and products available which you can use in order to have the best […]

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Which riser recliner chair mechanism is best for you?

When buying one of Rise and Recline Ltd’s handcrafted riser recliner chairs you are given a lot of options from design to which fabric you would like all of which are specifically tailored to your needs. However, there is another important decision that you need to make and that is which of our mechanisms are […]

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