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How to Choose the Right Armchair for Maximum Comfort

Finding the right chair for your home can be a tricky business. Firstly, you have to find a chair that is comfortable to sit in, and not all chairs were created equal. Then, you have to find a chair that matches your living space, which is again, no easy task. At Rise and Recline UK […]

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What to consider when choosing a chair for the elderly

As we age, our mobility decreases; as a result, comfort will become a higher priority. Therefore, you must pay more attention to your elderly relatives’ needs. In no way shape or form is it healthy or acceptable for the elderly to sit slumped in their chairs. The poor posture of leaning to one side can […]

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How riser recliner chairs work

Electric riser recliner chairs are perfect for all ages. They have a structured system that sets them apart from ordinary reclining chairs. With a wider range of motion, rise and reclining chairs work with a rise and recline action within the chair – thus helping people to sit and stand up from their chair effortlessly. […]

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How to relax your mind before bedtime

We all know the effects of not getting a good night’s sleep. It makes us slow and unresponsive and impacts negatively on our mood. However, poor sleep over long periods of time can have long term health implications. This includes weight gain, diabetes and mental health issues. If you are experiencing consistent sleeplessness, we advise […]

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5 ways to improve your sitting posture

As we find ourselves sitting for longer periods of time, whether hunched over a laptop, or in front of the television on a Sunday afternoon, it is becoming more and more important that we remain mindful of our posture. While a certain sitting position may feel comfortable at the time, poor posture can lead to […]

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How to wake up early in the morning

Having the ability to wake up early comes with many benefits. By getting up earlier, you’re freeing up more time in the day, which allows you to organise and prepare for what you have planned. Not only will you have more time in the morning to get all of your chores out of the way, […]

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