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Side, back, or stomach: which sleeping position is best?

Getting the right amount of sleep is important for your wellbeing. Typically, most of us require around 8 hours of sleep at night in order to get through the day. Not getting a sufficient amount of sleep can affect our moods and productivity. However, the positions you sleep in can affect the quality of your […]

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How to keep warm during winter nights

For you to be able to achieve a great night sleep and stay warm during the winter period, it is essential that you make a few adjustments to your daily routine. This is extremely important as you get older because your body is less likely to react to the cold conditions efficiently. Therefore, we want […]

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4 Ways to stay stress-free in 2019

In today’s society, we are constantly on the move. The frequent activity and pressure present in our day to day life can contribute to our stress levels. Whether you are suffering from health complications or are constantly on your feet, taking a break to allow your body and mind to relax is vital. To help […]

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How to adapt a home for the elderly

As we age we begin to lose mobility and balance, its common to experience difficulty in manoeuvring about our homes. Even simple tasks like sitting down and standing up become a struggle. As an increasing number of elderly people electing to stay at home instead of moving into a retirement home, mobility becomes of greater […]

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Additional features of a recliner sofa

Investing in a recliner sofa comes with a plethora of benefits. By taking the pressure off of your back as you relax, physical health is improved and stress is relieved. In order to enhance your sitting experience, you can add a range of additional features to your sofa. As each add-on provides you with a specific […]

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Purchasing a rise and recline chair for Christmas

The gift of a Rise & Recline chair for Christmas is a gift for a lifetime. We manufacture gorgeous handcrafted chairs to suit the individual needs of each valued customer. A Rise & Recline chair is an investment in your health and well being and we treat it as such. Going the extra mile to […]

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