For The Ultimate Comfort Chair

When it comes to getting greater comfort from your chair, a Rise and Recline Ltd adjustable comfort chair could be the answer.

You’re sitting in your armchair, watching TV or trying to read, but for some reason, you just can’t find a comfortable position. You’ve tried propping cushions up behind you but they keep slipping down; you’ve tried putting your feet on a foot stool but it’s just the wrong height; you’ve tried slouching, you’ve tried sitting up straight. And the longer you sit there, the less comfort you get from your chair. Sound familiar? It might be worth looking into an adjustable chair from Rise and Recline Ltd.

comfort chair

Now you might think that comfort chairs are meant for elderly people, and while they certainly do provide a great deal of valuable support for elderly users, with hundreds of materials to choose from and a range of designs available, they also provide style and comfort to a wide range of users.

How? Firstly, all of our comfort chairs are custom built to your dimensions. Each chair is the perfect height, width and depth to provide you with total comfort based on your measurements. You can also adjust the chair to a sitting position that suits you. If you want to lean back and put your feet up, you can, at the press of a button. With a dual motor chair, the foot rest moves independently of the chair back, allowing you to find the perfect sitting position.

And that’s not all. Our chairs come with a range of additional features designed for added comfort. From head pillows to heating systems and 6 or 10 motor massage functions. All comfort chairs are hand built in the UK, to your exact specifications.

So, elderly or not, there is plenty of reason to buy a comfort chair from Rise and Recline. To discuss our range of adjustable comfort chairs, contact Rise and Recline Ltd, or click here to find your nearest stockist.