How Rise & Recline Ltd chairs can support the elderly

Rise & Recline Ltd offer the perfect support chairs for the elderly, due to the fact that they’re completely tailor made to our customers specification. We listen to what you want and we meet your requirements with no fuss at all.

At Rise & Recline Ltd we have a very wide variety of different styles of rise and recliner chairs, ranging from a back and leg support chairs to ease users into comfortable seating positions; to wall hugger chairs for those with a limited amount of space.

Being able to design your own bespoke chair can prove very beneficial for the elderly in particular. As we age, it is often the case that we develop particular impairments or mobility difficulties.  What we hope to achieve with Rise and Recline Ltd chairs is to provide a solution that works around each customer’s individual challenges and allow them to gain back their independence and freedom. Our added extras, variety of materials and exceptional capability ensure that we are able to create the perfect rise and recliner chair for you, whether it be a support chair, a bariatric chair or an adjustable chair, we always put our customers necessities first.

We offer a wide range of riser chairs for the elderly – there are many modern, stylish designs to chose from,  if that is what you are looking for and we also offer more traditional and functional rise and recliner chairs to fit into any home environment. There are a range of mechanisms that we fit on to our chairs, from the single motor chairs to the dual motor rise and recliner chairs.

We aim to make our customers happy through our rise and recliner chairs and whole furniture range. Our aim is to give an elderly person their independence back so that they aren’t relying on a family member to help them.  We want to give them freedom and comfort within their home and we hope to make their life easier and hope that our chairs make a significant change to their lives.

View our range of riser recliner chairs today, available in almost any fabric you can think of, and built bespoke to your needs.