riser recliner chair mechanisms

Why should your riser recliner chair be like your favourite shoes?

When choosing and maintaining your perfect riser recliner chair you need to take into consideration a number of factors. Our advice? Imagine it was your favourite pair of shoes, what would you factor in before buying them, or how would you look after them. We’ve put a list together of what we would recommend you consider throughout the whole process of buying and owning a riser recliner chair.


Like your favourite pair of shoes, your riser recliner chair should be stylish. It should match the design of your room like a dress matches with a certain pair of heels. The fabric of your riser recliner chair should be the one you believe fits nicely and gives your room a nice, warming feeling. All of our riser recliner chairs come in a variety of colours and designs, each chair is made with your requests in mind.


You wouldn’t want your favourite shoes getting dirty and you certainly don’t want scratches or marks on them, you shouldn’t with your riser recliner chair either. Clean your riser recliner chair regularly to keep it in top condition and buy covers for areas that are often prone to wearing, like the arms.


Would you buy a pair of shoes that are uncomfortable? Maybe they’re too narrow and too small, you shouldn’t buy a riser recliner chair that doesn’t provide extreme comfort. Comfort is the key to relaxation and looking after your body in order to maintain a healthy, strong body. All of our recliner chairs are made-to-measure, so you know they’re made to your exacting requirements.


Like shoes, you want the best quality possible. Here at Rise & Recline Ltd, we provide quality, custom built riser recliner chairs. Our riser recliner chairs are made to meet exact specifications requested by the customer, we offer a bespoke service which allows you to build your own riser recliner chair.

If you are interested in building your own bespoke, custom built riser recliner chair then request a brochure today and start designing straight away.