Which riser recliner chair mechanism is best for you?

When buying one of Rise and Recline Ltd’s handcrafted riser recliner chairs you are given a lot of options from design to which fabric you would like all of which are specifically tailored to your needs. However, there is another important decision that you need to make and that is which of our mechanisms are best for you, it could be hard for you to make up your mind with all of them being incredibly useful in their own way, so keep reading to find out how each mechanism can help you, and which is best for your needs.


The Tilt-in-space mechanisms are great for increased support and helps to improve circulation, the whole chair tilts supporting your whole back as it does provide the ultimate comfort in your riser recliner chair.

The single motor keeps the back to seat angle the same at all times, meaning that your back is always supported fully. It also uses a simple and easy to understand remote.

The Dual motor mechanism allows you to control different parts of the chair independently from each other, offering more freedom with positioning that is made possible by the 5 button handset. Much like the single motor the Dual motor system allows the user to sit with their ankles above heart level which can help to reduce swollen ankles and help increase blood flow.

Dual motor

The dual motor riser recliner mechanism offers additional versatility. In a dual motor riser recliner chair, the user has the option of raising the leg rest or reclining the backrest independently. A dual motor riser recliner chair is the preferred option for users with greater mobility levels or who struggle to find a comfortable sitting position easily.

Wall Hugger

A wall hugging riser recliner chair can sit as close as 4 inches away from the wall or any other objects that sit behind the chair, this is because instead of the headrest just moving back, the whole chair will slowly and gently slide forward as the head moves back, this will mean that you will need more space at the front of the chair for when you are fully reclined, however, when the wall hugging recliner is not reclined it will provide more space towards the front.

Watch our videos to find out more about our riser recliner chair mechanisms.