Riser Recliner Chairs for Greater Independence

Riser Recliner Chairs from Rise and Recline Ltd offer greater support for the elderly, helping to assist with mobility and maximise independence.

It’s one of the hardest balancing acts you’ll ever have to face. How do you support an elderly loved one, while still helping them retain a sense of independence in their own home? You want to be around to help, particularly if they have decreased mobility; but you don’t want to make a fuss or prevent them from doing things for themselves.

Peace of Mind

A riser recliner chair from Rise and Recline Ltd could be the answer you’re looking for. A riser recliner chair is a fully motorised chair, which slowly raises the sitter into a standing position, allowing them to get on their feet more easily, at the press of a button. This allows people with decreased mobility, to get to their feet, to move about the home, to answer the door or make themselves a cup of tea. This gives you the peace of mind that an elderly loved one isn’t at home struggling to get out of their chair.

Greater Comfort

The recliner function also helps them relax more easily, allowing them to recline to a more comfortable position for reading or watching television. A dual motor riser recliner chair allows the footrest to move independently of the recline function, providing a more versatile seating position. They can elevate their feet or recline in order to find the ideal position for them, with no need for tiresome pillow fluffing and fidgeting to get it right.

Fully Bespoke

Each Riser Recliner chair we supply is completely tailored to the dimensions of the sitter, ensuring the seat and arms are at the right height for them to provide optimum comfort. As well as the versatility of the mechanics – single or dual motor – riser recliner chairs from Rise and Recline also come in a wide range of fabrics. This helps your loved one pick the perfect fabric to match the existing decor in their home.

If you think you or an elderly loved one may benefit from the added mobility and independence that comes from a riser recliner chair, We provide a wide range of single and dual motor riser recliner chairs, specifically designed to meet individual needs of each customer. Contact Rise and Recline Ltd today and we’ll be more than happy to discuss your needs. Alternatively, you can find your nearest stockist here.