Staying healthy as you age – The benefits of swimming

Following on from our previous article on why exercise is important as you age, we’re going to be looking at a few types in depth and demonstrating their positive effects. Remember, exercising isn’t just about staying fit. The mental benefits are just as important providing opportunities to socialise and focus your mind on a skill.

Today we’ll be taking a look at swimming. A low impact exercise perfect for those with joint pain who are looking to get out of the house and meet new people.

Remember, regular exercise has many benefits including:

  • Weight management
  • Illness prevention
  • Improve joint flexibility and reduce pressure on sprained joints
  • Increases restfulness through improved sleep
  • Improved mental health

The benefits of swimming

One of the main benefits of swimming is that it is incredibly low impact. This makes it highly beneficial for those who suffer from regular joint pain. It has also been shown to help ease symptoms of arthritis Swimming is also a full body exercise, using almost every muscle in your body at once.

Swimming is also great for mental health, as almost all swimming centres run sessions for senior citizens so getting into it if you’re new is a breeze. Joining a leisure centre or swimming club is easy, you can find your local club online and get started today! You’ll never be short of new friendship opportunities either, as leisure centres are always full of like-minded people trying to keep fit and meet new people.

How to get into swimming

Swimming is a very easy sport to get into. As mentioned previously you can use this online tool to find your closest leisure centre. We would then advise that you do a tryout session, often offered by most reputable centres before you commit.

Try a few to find out where you fit. Once you’ve made your decision you can either get yourself a membership or use a pay as you go system, depending on how often you intend to go. Joining a class is the best way to get started if you’re a beginner and is a great opportunity to meet new people in the same boat as you.

Seeing results

Although it can be frustrating, your results will not happen overnight. Doing a few sessions a week will eventually increase your strength and endurance. Arthritis and joint pain is the first thing that puts anyone off the idea of exercise. However, as mentioned earlier swimming actually has a positive benefit against joint pain and can help to lessen it over time. So all that you need to do is get over that initial hurdle.

Taking the plunge

With all the positive changes you make to improve your life, health or otherwise what’s most important in sticking with it is your enjoyment. Don’t rush too hard into anything as you could injure yourself. If you haven’t exercised in some time, it can be a challenge to get going.

You could start off with simple arm exercises in your riser recliner chair to get used to daily exercise. Stretching daily is also a great way to gain some more of your flexibility back before you make the move to swimming.

Exercise is a perfect way to help manage and reduce the risks of health complications and give you confidence and independence. If you feel like you need extra support at home Rise & Recline beds and riser recliner chairs are clinically tested and BHTA certified, as well as being fully customisable.

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