Top 5 tips for pet owners looking for a riser recliner chair

Pets really do make a home and we want to help pet owners enjoy the beauty of having both a riser recliner chair and a pet. We have put together a list of our top 5 tips for choosing and maintaining the perfect riser recliner chair, whilst keeping pets in mind.

Don’t let scratching become a habit

A great way of preventing your pet from scratching or climbing onto your riser recliner chair is to say ‘No’ and pat them away. If they persist than you should make a noise or spray them – eventually they’ll learn that this is inappropriate behaviour and will stop.

Colour co-ordinate

Regardless of how much you clean your riser recliner chair, fur gets EVERYWHERE! The last thing you want is a cream sofa with a black pet, if you can colour coordinate your pet and the riser recliner chair then it will disguise the fur.

Choose leather

At Rise & Recline Ltd we provide a range of leathers and fabrics in a vast range of colours, they compliment each riser recliner chair perfectly.

Leather is a great choice for pet owners, it is easy to clean and doesn’t attract hairs like fabrics. Leather is also very odour resistant, whereas certain types of fabrics attract smells which can give an overall bad smell to your riser recliner chair.

Take a look at one of our previous blog posts where we assess the comparison of leather vs fabric.

Treat your pet

Buy your pet a new toy, not only will it distract them from your riser recliner chair, it will also be a nice way of treating them. With them being distracted it prevents them from scratching and hairs getting onto your riser recliner chair.

Cover certain areas

Although you can minimise the areas your pet scratches, it will definitely be worth covering the areas prone to scratching. This will not only help maintain the quality of the riser recliner chair, it will also prevent you needing a new one.

Take a look at our riser recliner chairs or request a brochure, have a pet? No problem, you now have all the answers you need.