Where to buy riser recliner chairs

This guide will provide you with information on where you can purchase a Rise & Recline chair and include some helpful tips on what you can expect when you visit one of our stockists.

Whether you’re buying in store, or looking to have a free home trial, it may be beneficial to pick up a brochure first which you can pick up from your local Rise & Recline stockist, or from our website. This will provide you with a detailed guide to the many chairs we have to offer.

Rise & Recline stockists

Riser & Recline chairs can be bought from our many trusted retailers across the United Kingdom. Whether you’re buying bespoke or something pre-built, our retailers are highly knowledgeable on all Rise & Recline products and can provide you with the information you need to find the chair for you.

They will take you through all the customisation steps should you choose a Rise & Recline chair, taking your measurements to ensure your chair is the perfect fit. All of our retailers are BHTA accredited so you know you’re getting the right advice.

Home visits

Alternatively, you can book a free no obligation home visit with the chair of your choice. This allows you to see how the chair model you are considering would fit in to your home and test the chair for its feel and if it suits your unique needs. It can also give you an idea of how it could be incorporated into your daily life.

Unbeatable customisation

Riser & Recline chairs can be built to your exact specifications, from size and build, to fabric type, you can even choose specific features such as the type of motor system that suits you and the space it is going to occupy in your home best. We also provide a wide range of available accessories to enhance your Rise & Recline chair.

Our distributors have an intimate knowledge of our creation process and can take you through all phases designing your perfect chair. We then manufacturer your new chair based on your exact specifications, making each unique and undeniably yours.

The different mechanisms we offer cover a wide range of motor types, such as the single motor tilt-in-space, dual motor tilt-in-space, dual motor and the Wall Hugger mechanism. While you may or may not know exactly what the various mechanisms are, our retailers and handy brochure can provide you all of the information you need.

Riser & Recline chair accessories

Chairs can be enhanced with a range of accessories and optional extras, including:

  • Firmer or softer cushioning
  • Memory foam cushioning
  • Extra cushioning/padding, eg in arms or head wings
  • Removable arms (for side transfer)
  • Arm covers Pads (for the back and seat)
  • Glides/wheels
  • Extra pockets (for magazines, remote controls, etc)
  • Cushion covers


Find a riser recliner chair retailer near you on our riser recliner chairs page.

Or give us a call on 0115 913 3572 for a free consultation.