2 Year Warranty - Adjustable Beds

Section 1. Standard Manufacturer’s Warranty –

A: 24 months warranty on all electrical components

B: 24 months warranty on all bed frames and bed actions

C: 12 months warranty on all mattresses

D: 12 months warranty on all fabrics




In these conditions

“Buyer” means the firm or company sold to from Rise & Recline Ltd

“User” means the individual that operates the chair to whom the purchaser has sold to.

“Goods” means the goods referred to in an order placed by the buyer and where the context requires means part only of such order.

“Seller” means Rise & Recline Ltd.


The seller warrants that the goods shall be free from defects in materials or workmanship. Such warranties shall be valid for the periods stated in section 1 commencing on the date that the goods were delivered to the buyer’s premises, as detailed on the delivery note.

In the event of any breach of warranty the seller shall repair or replace any defective goods at its absolute discretion. Faulty goods are to be made available to the seller at the buyer’s premises. The cost of collection from the user to the buyer’s site of business is to be incurred by the buyer.

In the event of the seller visiting the user on mainland UK on behalf of the buyer, a call out fee will be charged and paid in advance in accordance with the Call-Out price list (copy available on request). All relevant defective warranty cases relating to the said purchase will be credited back within the standard terms and conditions. Any extra cost incurred will be invoiced directly to the buyer.

The warranty shall not cover any defect caused by fair wear and tear, nor whereby any defect is caused in whole or in part by the negligence of the user, or an improper or unauthorised use of the goods, or by causes external to the goods, or by any use of the goods not specified in the instructions booklet or other literature supplied by the seller.

The seller’s obligation under this warranty is limited to its option of repairing or replacing parts, which develop defects in design, materials, and workmanship, under normal and proper use within the warranty period and does not extend to any consumable item or associated goods not supplied by them.

In the event of the user becoming aware of a defect in the goods during the warranty period, the buyer shall promptly contact the seller within the warranty period together with written particulars of such defect and provide the seller with all information and particulars required to enable the seller to ascertain or verify the nature and cause of the defect claimed and to carry out its warranty obligations.

The seller shall be entitled to require the user, by notice in writing, to cease forthwith the use of any of the goods in respect of which any defect has been notified to the seller and if the user fails to comply with such a requirement, the seller shall be under no liability to the user either under this condition nor otherwise in relation to such goods.

Where for any reason no such notice has been given by the seller, the seller shall not be liable for any damages or losses whatsoever suffered by the user to the extent that it is caused by the continued operation of the goods after a defect became apparent to the user.

The seller shall be under no obligation whatsoever to repair, replace or make good any loss or damage or defect, which results from unauthorised installation, wear and tear, accident, abnormal conditions of storage, use of an unauthorised repairer or any negligent act of the user, buyer or any third party.


Management of the warranty

All claimed warranty faults must be reported to the seller by the buyer.

It is the responsibility of the buyer to make the initial non-technical diagnosis of the claimed fault.

It is the responsibility of the buyer to provide any supporting evidence to help determine the root cause.

In the event of no support from the buyer to the user, the seller can attend to diagnose and repair but at the direct cost to the user.

If the buyer ceases trading, then the warranty becomes void.

All faulty parts listed in parts covered section must be returned to the seller for final assessment at the cost of the buyer. Verification of the warranty will be carried out by the seller and the component suppliers and any refunds made if proven to be because of faulty goods.

Any part returned, which is proven to be manufacturing or material fault will be replaced immediately. It is strongly recommended that the buyer stocks spare handsets, for non - technical fault-finding diagnosis.

The product is only covered by the warranty if it has been purchased new and has not been a demonstration model nor used as such by the Buyer or Seller.

The warranty is void if the Seller’s serial number has been removed from the goods or rendered unreadable.