Buckingham Riser Recliner Chair Seated
Buckingham Riser Recliner Chair Raised Buckingham Riser Recliner Chair Reclined

The Buckingham Riser Recliner Chair

Modern, Stylish Design, Complements Most Room Settings

Made in Britain

The Buckingham is a modern, stylish rise and recline chair, making it an excellent choice,as it also complements many traditional settees and armchairs. The Buckingham can incorporate all the extra features available with any of the adjustable chairs from Rise & Recline Ltd.

Product code: SCBUC.
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  • Product code: SCBUC
  • Duvet seat
  • Heavy duty option available
  • Integrated handset
  • Emergency lowering
  • 2 way tilt-in-space/Triolift™/dual
  • 6/10 motor massage
  • Chair
  • Fabric protection
  • Hazard sensors
  • Head cover
  • Head pillow
  • Heat only
  • Lift or recline only
  • Manual recliner
  • Manual/electric 2/3 seater settee
  • Pressure seating
  • Single motor wall hugger
  • Static 2/3 seater settee

Our riser recliner chairs are available in a number of different mechanisms to suit a variety of individuals.

Dual Motor Tilt-in-Space

Single Motor Tilt-in-Space

Dual Motor


Optional Extras