Made to measure - because your comfort needs are unique
Huge Range of Fabrics - including healthcare options
Range of Movements - to suit comfort and wellbeing
Weight - Available in 35, 40, 50 and 70 Stone capacity

UK Made Chair


  • 70 Stone Max Weight Capacity
  • 2 Arm Style Options
  • Available in multiple mechanisms
  • Huge Range of Fabrics
  • Custom built to fit your body
  • Accessories for additional comfort
  • 2 Year Warranty optional 5 year care plan

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UK Made Chair



Mechanism Weight Max Capacity Leg Lift Max Capacity Seat Height Seat Width
16 17 18 19 20 21 22 24 26 28 30 33

Dual Standard Low Profile

35 Stone

12 Stone


Single 3 Way

35 Stone

9 Stone


Single Tilt‐in‐Space

35 Stone

9 Stone


Dual Tilt‐in‐Space

35 Stone

9 Stone


Dual Standard

40 Stone

25 Stone


Triple Motor

40 Stone

25 Stone


Dual Standard

50 Stone

25 Stone


Dual Standard

70 Stone

25 Stone


Seat depth available 17"-21"


Rise and Recline mechanisms deliver different movements.

Whether you need a rise and recliner for mobility, health conditions, or simply to enjoy leaning back and putting your feet up at the end of a long day there are several benefits to having your chair “fitted” to your size, body shape and weight.


Dual Motor Standard

This movement offers independent leg rest and back rest functions providing unlimited positions for added comfort.

Single Motor Tilt-in-Space

Great comfort plus good for circulation and pressure relief as the users ankles elevate higher than the hips.

Dual Motor Tilt-in-Space

Suitable for skeletal issues, especially for those unable to adjust themselves, but need regular alterations in position for comfort.




Scroll Arm Image

Scroll Arm

A Traditional scroll arm with 6 handmade pleats on each scroll (The most popular style). The scroll arm is also available with a removable option to suit wheelchair access.

Square Arm Image

Square Arm

A modern square style arm to give a very modern look.

Fabrics to compliment your home styling and comfort needs

Rise & Recline Limited understand your home styling and personal preference on fabrics to compliment your decor is important. Which is why we offer a huge range of the finest upholstery fabrics for your handmade furniture. All sourced from reputable upholstery mills, you can have almost any fabric, from luxury chenilles, right through to leathers and specialist healthcare fabrics.

Fabric Swatches

Standard Range

A luxury range offering a wide variety of colours and finish.

Fabric Swatches

Standard Washable

Keep your loose covers and accessories clean with the machine washable range.

Fabric Swatches


For those who want that little extra care for accidental spillages.

Fabric Swatches


High quality finished Leather.


Medical Conditions

The made to measure design provides a more flexible support. The three zipped bolster cushions are on Velcro which means you can easily adjust the cushions to give more head or lumber support. Combined with the correct mechanism it is an ideal option for anyone disabled, as well as a host of other “chronic” medical conditions.

Please ensure you seek the advice of a Rise & Recline trained person before making your mechanism selection.

Measurements of a person to chair size

Comfort – because it’s made to measure your body shape

Control – because it’s designed around your needs

Without Compromise – because you’re investing in your wellbeing, independence and a beautiful piece of furniture

Rise & Recline is the only British Medical Device certified manufacturer making “made to measure bespoke furniture” for comfort & control, without compromise.

Imagine a chair built to your exact physical requirements

Whether you have medical conditions which need to be factored in, or simply want the upmost in comfort, Rise & Recline chairs provide you with the ultimate solution – because it’s designed for you.

Rise & Recline unique 7 point fit & medical condition consultation

Arm styles design options for added functionality and looks

Rise and recliner mechanism options for near zero gravity relief


Now imagine a chair that looks exactly as you want it to

With an almost unlimited array of fabrics including leather, with a choice of styles that look great and support you better.

Designed to suit your home and look exquisite

Arm Caps and Head Cover in the same fabric

Fabric protection options


Then add in special features to assist or enhance your comfort

With a variety of functional comfort options – combined with medical solutions to make things easier for you day to day.

Integrated USB point

Choice of massage functions

Overhead, flexi-position, reading light

Choice of pressure relief solutions

Side transfer arm options for those with restricted mobility


A choice of warranties to give you total peace of mind

Manufacturers warranty, this is 24 months warranty on the frame, mechanism and mechanics of the product and does not cover stains, fabric wear or tears.

Staingard warranty is 5 year comprehensive care plan. It provides cover for your chair against stains and accidental damage. It also covers structural defects either not covered in, or exceeding the manufacturers 2 year warranty. Any Staingard policy purchased to insure a Rise & Recline product is an independent agreement between the customer and Staingard.


Removable Head Cover

The top of the backrest is subjected to heavier wear than other areas of the chair. Protect your investment with a head cover that can be easily replaced when it wears out.

Tailored Head Pillows

For extra comfort and support, made in matching or complementary fabric. Providing added comfort plus a stylish addition. Zippable for adding or removing filling.

Duvet style removable seat

Duvet style removable seat cushion cut out that allows pressure care to be changed easily, housed underneath the duvet. (other duvet styles available)

Heat & Massage Options

Upgrade to pure luxury with a built-in Relaxor heat and massage option to provide gentle vibration and warmth to soothe aching muscles and joints. Chairs with these optional features will keep you warm while giving you a gentle massage to help you relax. Available as a 6 point or 10 point. Left or right hand side controls.

Removable seat

Cushion cut out that allows pressure care to be changed easily.

Removable Arm Caps

This option enables side transfers out of the chair with the minimum of difficulty. Available on the left hand, right hand or both arms for total flexibility. Recommended to be used in conjunction to the Trio lift option.The chair arms are one of the places that take the most wear. A pair of arm caps will help keep this area protected and keep your chair looking even better for longer.

Fabric protection

All standard upholstery can be treated with protection to help maintain the fabric’s quality and appearance.

Rise & Recline 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty

What's Covered?

2 years wood frame, mechanism and electrics

12 months on fabric and foam

What's Not?

Everyday wear and tear

Deliberate damage

Abuse or neglect

Removal of odours

Stains or damage


Accumulated multiple stains

Wear and tear and gradual build up of stains

Build up of bodily fluid stains (such as bodily oils/hair gels etc)

What do you get?

Standard furniture manufacturers warranty

Admin and Claims?

Contact Rise & Recline during normal office hours

Staingard 5 Year Care Plan

What's Covered?


Anything you or your pets can eat drink or pass.

Anything used for cooking, cleaning or cosmetics.

Paints, ink and glue (inc superglue)

Plus acids, dyes, bleaches, caustic and corrosive substances.

Dye transfer

Accidental Damage

Rips, tears, scuff, punctures & burns

Scratches, chips and dents, heat rings, water marks

Pet Damage (3 claims)

Structural Defects Cover

Gives cover for a period of five years from the date of purchase

Peeling of veneered or laminated finishes

Lifting or peeling of hide on leather components

What's Not?

Furniture used in commercial premises

Deliberate damage

Abuse or neglect

Removal of odours

Unidentified stains or damage


Accumulated multiple stains

Wear and tear and gradual build up of stains

Build up of bodily fluid stains (such as bodily oils/hair gels etc)

What do you get?

All chairs ordered with a Staingard Care Plan are despatched with the appropriate care kits

Stain Gard

Stain Gard

Admin and Claims?


Once the furniture is delivered, Staingard gets notified and the policy is created.

A certificate of insurance is issued within 14 days.

The terms and conditions are explained in full on the policy and a procedure for making a claim detailed.

Details can be viewed and amends requested online.

Certificates can be printed instore if required.

Claims Procedure

The customer must contact Staingard as soon as possible and no longer than 7 days after the event.

Staingard can be contacted by phone however the preferred route is online, 24/7, 365 days a year

Online claims are validated within 3 hours of the next working day.

Valid claims will be offered an appointment for a technician to call with 5 days.

If Staingard are unable to resolve the problem, they will offer a replacement.